ARUA. The Democratic Party (DP) vice president for Northern Uganda Mr Elia Alitia has neither denied nor confirmed his interest in the party top job after rumors of his interest circulated on social media.

During the weekly press briefing on Wednesday at the party regional office at Catholic center in Arua town, Alitia remained coy after he was asked for clarifications regarding a Facebook post on September 7th by one Fadhil Lemeriga.

Incidentally, the regional party spokesperson for the region has the same names and profile picture on Facebook although West Nile Web could not establish whether the Lemeriga Fadhil of social media was the one who doubles as the spokesperson.

“Mr Alitia Elia, the vice president of the Democratic party for the northern region has finally declared his intention to wrestle others including the president general Nobert Mao for the top job at Uganda’s oldest party” the post on September 7th read in part

When asked whether he was eyeing the party presidency, Mr Alitia gave the following response

I want to say right now I am committed to performing the functions of the office of the vice president for Northern Uganda.

Of course, when you are doing these roles there are people who will always give you support and ask why you don’t want to be the president?

Others will say Elia we know you love the party so why don’t you take up the presidency role, but what I have not pronounced is whether I am going to contest for the presidency or not.

But to be precise DP is a party that embraces every leader, young like Elia and old like those you have seen, you have all the space to contest in any election and compete in the various leadership positions and that’s why I became a vice president at the age of 27, the youngest in the history of DP am told.

And it tells you that a young person has the privilege of contesting for any position so long as they qualify according to party and national constitutions.

In 2015 I would not run for presidency general because there was an age cap in the national constitution that would bar me from contesting but the law has disappeared which means I could easily stand.

Our party is in the process of finalizing the road map for our delegate’s conference which will establish the process of elections from the village to the presidency and will be announced by the office of the DP secretary general so that’s when you will be sure whether Elia is contesting or not.

Qn. West Nile Web: Should the public disregard any information that suggests you are eyeing the DP presidency?

I am so happy that you trust the source where you got the information from, let’s give it respect, maybe it’s a voice of motivation and they love what we are doing for the party and trust that I can deliver.

But for me as a person, I can only make a declaration when there is a vacancy announced but in the absence of vacancy, any suggestion should only be regarded as motivation.

This is a time for politics and I would say the onus is on the public to get the information and manage it.

As long as they receive the information and is managed correctly they have the right to look at us as the leaders because what we want in this country are leaders who have the reputation, are of character and who are doing the correct things.

As long as that leader is identified, I don’t want to discourage the public from debating and encouraging and should not stop with Elia but any other person at different levels.

We are tired of getting leaders who keep mixing issues but those who are straight forward and stand for the cause of the people they lead.

So I want to say let the public continue to exercise their political power and asses us as leaders and give us scorecards, if I have scored zero on the scorecard obviously don’t recommend me for any political office but if I have scored in the view of the public, then they are right to recommend me for higher service.

Qn. So we will ask again, Is Mr. Alitia eyeing the DP top job?