ARUA. Al-Hajj Isah Afeku Kato, the Arua Municipality Mayor has urged officials of West Nile rural electrification company (WENRECO) to join them in the fight against crime by installing street lights along all major roads in Arua town.

According to Kato, once Arua town is lit by street lights especially at night, criminals will find it hard to waylay people and rob them of their property as it is the case at the moment.

“Arua is very dark. Can you (WENRECO officials) sit with the Municipal Town Clerk and see how you can help us in the area of street lights. Installing street lights on all our main roads will reduce the current insecurity in the town,” Kato entreated.

The Mayor sounded the appeal during a sanitation drive spearheaded by WENRECO in partnership with Red Sky Communicative, a local media consultancy company at the Mayor’s garden in Arua town on Saturday.

Locals 13 10 19Locals join WENRECO and Red Sky communicative officials in cleaning Arua town on Saturday

The drive dubbed ‘keep Arua clean’ started with community engagement and later show all members participating in sweeping the different parts of Arua town.

But during the function, Kato emphasized the need for WENRECO to always give back to the community which he said has been supportive to the company for years.

“We have tried to put some solar street lights at dark spots where thugs used to hide at night and rob people but we couldn’t make it possible everywhere. If WENRECO can come in to install for us more street lights especially on Mvara road, the roundabouts, Ediofe road, Osu road, Adumi road, and many other streets, I think all these hooligans will move away and leave our roads for businesses to run smoothly,” Kato stressed.

However, Eng. Dido Lumanyiko, the WENRECO General Manager noted that they formerly had street lights in Arua town only that the Municipality officials failed to pay the power bills.

“Previously, there were street lights in Arua managed by WENRECO but the Municipality failed to pay the bills for almost three years. As WENRECO, we have the mandate to operate and maintain the street lights for the Municipality only if they can settle our bills,” Lumanyiko said.

Without mentioning how much money they are demanding from Arua Municipality, Lumanyiko maintained that they are ready to revive the street lights as demanded on condition that the Municipality officials commit themselves to at least settle half of the accumulated bills.

“As far as crime, we do understand and as WENRECO, we are ready to revive the street lights if the Municipality officials first meet us and pay the bills halfway,” Lumanyiko said.

He observed that it is essential for WENRECO to give back to the community through corporate social responsibility, a reason they have come down to the community to promote hygiene.

“As you all know, cleanliness is next to Godliness, it is very important to host this event here. Let us make it a routine to promote sanitation in Arua town so as to keep the area clean,” Lumanyiko said.

garbage 13 10 19A man collects garbage along the Avenue road on Saturday. PHOTO BY ANDREW COHEN AMVESI

Meanwhile, Mr Mahajub Muzamil, the Director of Red Sky Communicative said the event has been about promoting health, community awareness on health and individual initiative.

“We are expecting a city status for Arua and there is no way we are going to market the city without cleanliness. We want to attract tourists and we can’t do that when our place is dirty, and that is why we partnered with WENRECO in cleaning our town,” Muzamil said.

Mayor Kato 13 10 19Mayor Kato participates in sweeping Arua town on Saturday