ARUA. Minister of state for internal affairs, Mr Mario O’biga Kania has warned people in the West Nile region of Uganda against violence in the remaining primary elections for the National Resistance Movement.

The next primary elections will be on 11th of September for district Chairpersons, city lord mayor/city mayors, directed elected city and district councilors and district and city woman councilors.

Kania issued the warning while addressing journalists on Tuesday in Arua city.

“There are two more levels of these primary elections in the NRM. We have heard of many areas in this country where people have gone violent, where some used guns. These are unnecessary and we don’t need to go violent” Kania emphasized.

Kania said the NRM primaries are a brotherly competition because at the end of it all, the competitors will have to remain together.

He urged aggrieved parties to instead consider legal procedures as being provided for in both the constitution of Uganda and the NRM constitution. He added that anyone who will not use the legal procedures will be dealt with by the police.

“I am ordering the regional police commanders in this region to ensure that there is no violence in the remaining NRM primary elections and where there is violence, they should act firmly and professionally against the perpetrators”, Kania said.

He said he has reports where some candidates liaise with local alcohol brewers in villages to supply youths with Waragi a day before the polling day on Friday with aims to disturb presiding officers and voters.

He warned any youth got in such a mood on polling day as police are already being fed with the information to apprehend such rowdy people.

Asked about why many polling stations across Uganda had complaints of children being involved in voting with the police taking no action, Kania noted that it is not the responsibility of police to vet who votes or not as their prime role is to ensure peaceful election.

“We should be fair to the security people. The role of the security is not about who votes and who doesn’t vote. The security people don’t control the register and that’s not their duty. The security doesn't control the constitutional regulation of every party but instead it is the party’s electoral officials controlling that”, Kania stressed.

Minister Kenia who is also the area MP for Terego East County who won the race for NRM flag thanked his people for having voted him as the NRM flag bearer for the 2021 general election race for MP seat.

Ayivu East, Lower Madi and Arua central were among the areas that reported incidents of election violence and malpractices during the recent NRM parliamentary elections.