ARUA. As the time for operationalization of Madi district nears, a concerned citizen in the district has demanded for transparency in the management of resources meant for the new district.

Madi district that comprises of Lower and Upper Madi counties curved out of Arua district, is expected to be operational by 1st of July this financial year.

But according to Mr Farouk Andati Wajjar, the current steering committee is hiding prospects of the district as the government channels billions of funds to start of the district.

Some of the sources of the money that Andati is questioning are from Uganda Support to Municipal Infrastructure Development (USMID) and Refugee and Host population Empowerment (REHOPE) among others.

He claims that indoor meetings are being witnessed by contracts awarded to a person for construction of headquarters for Madi district located in Ogoko sub-county without tenders being advertised for applications as required by law.

He demanded Arua district Chief administrative officer (CAO), Mr Donath Eswilu to come up with road maps of sensitizing the masses about what it takes to have Madi district which is breaking out of Arua and prospects in the process of operationalization.

“90% of the population of Madi is perturbed by the deafening silence of the leaders regarding the progress of road map of this newly created district and geographical indicators are showing no progress yet being overwhelmed by time already”, Andati said.

He added that people of Madi are also requesting CAO of Arua to sideline the current officials of Arua district from featuring in technical positions of the district based on the recent reports of corruption Arua district has.

“Recent data shows Arua as the second most corrupt district of Uganda after Kampala and the worst performing district based on the local government standard measure released in 2018. And so we do not want Madi district to be infiltrated by corrupt officials”, he said.

He demanded that the entire funds allocated for the start of Madi district should be put into its account as it has the operational code already.

However efforts to get clarifications from Arua district local government proved futile as the CAO Mr Eswilu was non-committal.