ARUA CITY: Maracha constituency MP elect Mr Denis Lee Oguzu has said he wants to emulate the values of the late Francis Ayume and continue to perpetuate his legacy.

He said he would uphold the values of honesty and courage left by the former Ugandan speaker. This as he launched his bid to become the deputy speaker of the 11th parliament.

“For me I will be able to build on the legacy of Hon Ayume who was very honest, courageous and laid a foundation for a country where you could afford to impeach a minister on corruption and yet we have not seen this in the recent past, we want to go back to that foundation and build on that legacy” he said as he addressed the press in Arua city on Wednesday.

Oguzu will likely join a fray of many other people already positioned to occupy the seat being held for the last 10 years by Mr Jacob Olulanyah who has openly expressed interest in the full speakership.

Whereas the speakership race appears fiercer because of the Oulanyah - Kadaga race, a number of other legislators have been said to be silently courting their colleagues for the seat of the deputy.

David Bahati of Ndorwa west in Kabale district, Muhammed Nsereko of Kampala central, Thomas Tayebwa of Ruhinda North, Anita Among, woman MP Bukedea, Jacob Oboth-oboth of the newly created west Budama central and Robina Rwokoojo of Gomba west are all rumored to be interested in the deputy speaker seat.

Oguzu during his press conference accused the office of the deputy speaker of significantly contributing to the indebtedness of Ugandans which he said now stands at sh1.5 million per person.

“You all know the office of the deputy speaker has turned the parliament into a rubber-stamp and a clearing house for last minute uncalled for supplementary budgets for borrowings, you are aware that office now has the potential danger of becoming a conduit for all sorts of clearing dubious deals in this country and yet Ugandans do not want their aspirations to be gagged” Oguzu stated.

He further accused the current office bearer of being remembered for fights when the office is supposed to help address some of the critical issues in the country like persistent corruption, modernization of Agriculture, etc.

“So in light of all those, I felt there is need to reform that office and it’s the reason am running for the position of deputy speaker” Oguzu said.

Asked how he intended to navigate past the strong party cohesion that influences the voting patterns for those positions, he said the ploy to vote along party lines is usually instigated by those who do not wish well for the country.

“I want to call on the honorable MPs to support me, I know there will be a call to support candidates along party lines, the NRM already has the majority in parliament but we must be mindful of that language and the ploy often used by people who do not wish well for the country” He argued.

“They will seek to remind the NRM people about the numbers but I encourage them to defy that, my people in Maracha have shown that you can rise above party lines and do what the country deserves and I think that’s why they elected me as an FDC candidate and voted for president Museveni who is NRM” he further said.

Who is Oguzu Lee?

Oguzu Lee Denis is the current MP elect for Maracha constituency in Maracha district having served as the same in the 10th Parliament. He is a member of the forum for democratic change (FDC) party and shadow minister for science, innovation and ICT.

He is a member of the steering committee of the pan-African parliament on illicit financial flows and founder of west Nile rural Development Agency and also a recognized world health organization (WHO) health innovator and a current student of law.

Oguzu said he has the necessary connections and network with the various political groupings and would offer a ‘bridge’ in the currently polarized political situation in the country.