ARUA. The director of socio-economic affairs in the office of president Lt Col Kibrai Ambako has advised the people in Terego to positively change their mindset to accept expert advice from technocrats and work with their elected leaders.

Ambako was concerned after finding that the numerous government programs aimed at fighting poverty fail to transform the economic status of the people in the area due to the wrong mentality.

He was speaking at Addu primary school in Aii-vu sub-county in Terego West constituency on Saturday during a training organized by the Ministry of Information Communication Technology (ICT) and national guidance on self-reliance with support from the two area MPs.

“Do not reject good ideas from a leader because you hate him or her, I blame the intellectuals here over misguiding the masses because of their political differences. Why don’t you learn from your past and take mature political decisions that will convince the government to reward you with more projects”, Ambako stressed.

He assured the people that prayers alone will not save them unless combined with hard work and said the most viable tool for economic transformation is critical thinking that is ushered by a positive mindset.

“The resources like land, water, and air are available here but you have failed to utilize them to produce and you want to rely on elected leaders to solve your problems, this is shameful no government including one of America dishes out free money to individuals. Teach children with work and not allow them to fill the trading centres and video halls and beg from politicians”, Ambako stated.

According to the statistics revealed by Arua district agriculture officer Ms Gertrude Bandaru during the function, agriculture production rate in the district is 1.9% which she said is worrying to sustain a population that has 4% growth rate majority who are among 13M Ugandans who eat once a day.

She challenged the people to run away from idleness, traditional farming, conserve the environment and unite with family members to choose valuable enterprises to get at least 20M shillings per year from quarter an acre of land.

Arua district chairman Mr Sam Wadri Nakua urged the residents to use the knowledge acquired to boost commercial agriculture and handcraft.

Mr Sam Wadri Nyakua 09 09 19Arua district chairman Mr Sam Wadri Nyakua speaks during the function.

He appealed to the able-bodied to prepare for their old age than blaming the government for extending age for selection of beneficiaries for Social Assistance Grant for Empowerment (SAGE) to 80 years.

Terego West MP Mr Moses Angundru appealed to parents to support teachers to deliver proper services in schools and advised the teachers to avoid operating businesses like bodaboda that undermine their profession.

Internal affairs state minister Mr Mario Obiga Kania also Terego East MP said: “there is nothing tangible farmers will leave for the children after death if they don't involve them to practice modern farming”.

He compared lazy people with those without fishing gear to catch fish from the water and advised the residents to sharpen their tools to tap wealth from the available resources.

He called on religious leaders to streamline income generation messages in their preaching so that they become rich to support the church.