ARUA. President Yoweri Museveni has told the NRM pressure groups and party mobilizers that mobilizing for the party should be voluntary.

Speaking at Muni University on Sunday, Museveni warned NRM supporters to desist from mixing mobilization with employment.

“People should not mix mobilization with employment; you are not employees. You are people who believe in a cause like I do and of course, we believe in a cause and we mobilize to get our people to support us to have the party, the one you think can solve problems to remain in government,” Museveni said.

Museveni was addressing local council chairpersons and the different NRM pressure groups in Arua City, who were mobilized by Evelyne Anite, the Minister of Investment and Privatization and Jackson Lee Atima, the NRM Parliamentary flag bearer for Arua Central Division. This is after meeting NRM youths from all the districts in West Nile at the same venue.

The pressure group members that showered President Museveni with gifts including goats, sheep, a cock, Kitenge clothes, pots and a chair to symbolize their commitment to keep the NRM government in power were represented by Musa Muzamil, the Tanganyika Ward chairperson.

On behalf of the members, Muzamil commended Museveni for the good leadership and pledged their support for the NRM leaders including the President in the coming elections.

He, however, asked the President to support the different SACCO groups of the NRM members in Arua, a request Museveni said can’t be fulfilled during this election period for fear of dragging the party to court on allegations of voter bribery.

But Museveni pledged to put more money in the EMYOOGA program from which the groups can benefit directly since it is a government program.

YMKPresident Museveni while addressing the mobilizers at Muni University. PHOTO BY JOSEPH ODAMA. (1)

He continued appealing to NRM mobilizers to believe in the party by voluntarily dedicating their time and resources to keep it in power.

“Mobilization is voluntary, now those who are mixing it with give me money I mobilize, we shall say please leave us alone because if you give the money to the one who mobilizes, what then do you do to the one who votes?” Museveni asked.

“And where will you get money to give all voters and how much money will you give voters to make them get out of poverty? So, this is just total confusion,” Museveni said.

In her speech, Anite equally assured Museveni of the votes from the people of West Nile whom she said are enjoying the prevailing peace ushered by the President, a reason the region is not affected by the instability in the neighbouring DR Congo and South Sudan.