ARUA. As Mountain of the Moon University nears the progression of becoming the tenth public university in Uganda, the Transition Task Force of the institution has made a benchmarking study visit to Muni University in Arua City.

Just like Muni University, Mountain of the Moon University in Rwenzori region city of Fort Portal in Western Uganda is a community founded university that is transitioning into a public university.

Takeover of Mountain of the Moon University by the government of Uganda was approved by the cabinet on 7th December last year to become the tenth public university in the country.

Vice chancellor of the University, Dr Mr Pius Achanga (Phd) said Mountain of the Moon and Muni University have had good relations, a reason stakeholders from the two institutions keep learning from each other.

Achanga disclosed that the benchmarking visit was aimed at seeing how Muni University’s transition into a public university has been like.

He said the ideas got from Muni University can help them in the process of transitioning into a public university.

“We chose Muni University because of the good relations. Muni has become a public university from scratch and went through a similar process as we are doing now. We came as a taskforce, knowing we could learn in terms of how their transition went and Muni University has special features in context of development and it is a university that has never had a strike”, Achanga Said.

Pius Achanga thanked the government of Uganda through the ministry of education and sports for having considered the science-based Mountain of the Moon University whose transition taskforce has lasted for two years.

Vice chancellor of Muni University, Prof Christin Dranzua noted that such collaborations among universities in Uganda can contribute to development of the country as ideas from one university can help another university in the country, hence achieving economic growth.

“Collaboration is one way of strengthening organizational structures and academic structures and in ensuring quality assurance and learning from each other. What goes well in Mountains of the Moon University may apply for us to grow when we buy the idea and vice vasa. Education is a single factor that spurs development in rural parts of Uganda. These two universities have triggered a lot of development in West Nile and Rwenzori regions respectively”, Dranzua noted.

She also called upon Ugandans to encourage girls to study in order to make use of the education institutions while her counterpart, Achanga urged parents to own the universities.