ARUA. The Member of Parliament for Ayivu County Mr Bernard Atiku has said he will officially complain to the national Coronavirus technical team about the integrity of tests which have come under question.

He said many people are still living in trauma while others are in confusion as a result of purported positive results issued by the district health officer Mr Paul Driliba Bishop.

Atiku, alongside Mr Jackson Atima, Arua deputy resident district commissioner (RDC) Ms Alice Akello, Arua Woman MP Ms Mourin Osoru and the district chairman Mr Sam Wadri Nyakua were alleged to have tested positive to COVID-19 on the 21st of October 2020 and therefore unable to interface with president Yoweri Museveni who was visiting the district on 25th of the same month to commission the extension of national grid into West Nile region.

But the highly suspicious leaders later took second and third tests in other places during the time which all came out negative.

“I intend to pursue this matter further when I go to Kampala because we cannot continue like this where the integrity of the results have come under question, many people are still living in trauma others are living in confusion as a result of these results, if they can mishandle a member of parliament like this what about a common person?”, Atiku asked.

He said the controversy raises questions about competency and capacity of people managing coronavirus in Arua and of whether they need additional training or need to be changed all together.

Atiku said he became suspicious after two days in isolation when no district officials followed or called him up on what precautions to take and to ask him about his contacts.

theUnder fire Paul Drileba Bishop, the acting Arua DHO. PHOTOS BY CLEMENT ALUMA.

For Mr Atima, he said immediately after being given the positive results, him and Ms Akello took a second test to Adjumani which returned negative making them to question the integrity of Arua task force officials.

“I became suspicious simply because I had undertaken some tests a few days ago which all proved negative including people who were next to me like my wife who were all negative, even the manner in which he just left me at large, I thought somebody who is found positive should be helped and guided but all these were not done”, Atima said.

The acting district health officer Mr Paul Drileba declined to comment about the matter saying it was already under investigation. Indeed Mr Atima confirmed that he was summoned in connection with forgery of COVID-19 results.

jaMr Jackson Atima Lee also got wrong results.

Ms Akello said she had already engaged a lawyer to advise her on her next move but promised that actions of the task force would not go unchallenged.

The group suspect that the task force team must have connived with some ministers hailing from the West Nile region to falsify their results so as to prevent them from meeting the president during his recent visit.