ARUA CITY: The incumbent Arua district woman Member of Parliament, MP Ms Maurine Osoru has refuted accusations that the six Ambulances she donated to Arua and Madi Okollo districts were given by the government of Uganda.

This comes after several social media reports targeting the youthful legislator that the ambulances had actually been donated by the government of Uganda.

The six ambulances were commissioned by speaker of parliament Rebbeca Kadaga in March and would be shared between the then Arua and Madi Okollo districts.

Osoru said her position as the global president for Young parliamentarians gave her chance to mobilize for funds which she used to buy the six ambulances.

“I am told that a few people are trying to disperse false information that the Ambulances I donated to Arua district was a donation from the government, It’s not true” she said before adding “The Ambulances were not part of my manifesto but cries of the women gave me the importance of Ambulances and that’s how I decided to buy ambulances” The woman MP stressed.

Five Ambulances lined

She was addressing a press conference at her residence in Arua city on Thursday.

Osoru explained that she bought the Ambulances after identifying transport challenges in the health sector, especially for women, a challenge that showed an ardent need for community Ambulance services in Arua district.

She challenged people with any complaints about the dobation to contact her personally so she can avail the documents including payments made to Uganda Revenue Authority (URA).

Osoru who is the women seat in the newly created Arua city said she plans to equip health center III’s with beds so as to ease the challenge for women during labor.

“I asked myself questions; what will happen when there are ten women delivering at the same hour. You cannot let the one already delivering come down and replace her with another one which is unfair. In my next agenda, I am going to provide more of these beds in such health centers in Arua city so that many women can deliver at the same time in a health center” She said.