ARUA. The officials from Muni University in Arua district have said that the university is all set to conduct the graduation of 92 students this Saturday.

It will be the second time that the university that begun enrolment in 2014 is passing out graduates.

The Vice chancellor Professor Christine Dranzoa disclosed during a press briefing at the university council hall on Wednesday that the first lady and the minister of education and sports Ms Janet Kataha Museveni will grace the event alongside the university chancellor, Rt. Hon Dr Eric Adriko.

Forty five students are graduating with Bachelor of Science in information systems and forty seven with degrees in Bachelor of Science information technology.
Among them are eight female students for information technology and another fifteen for information systems.

Nine students from the two courses will also graduate with first class degrees, two of these from information technology and seven from information systems.
“I congratulate them for exhibiting excellence and putting the university on the global mark of academics,” Prof Dranzoa said.

She said in her opinion, the students have been oriented on life skills, natured in a very holistic manner and counselled on how to relate with the community.

“Critically, jobs are not there, it is one thing to graduate and another to have the right attitude towards life. Endeavour to take up any job, it is from there that someone can spot you and lift you up,” she added.

Mr Felix Opio Okello, the academic registrar of the university said new courses including Bachelor of business management and entrepreneurship and Bachelor of Science in agriculture will be introduced in the 2018/19 academic year pending final approval from the national council for higher education.

Others in the offing are Bachelor of Science in vacational and technical education, Bachelor of science in primary education targeting primary teachers, as well as plans for post graduate and masters programs in the longer future.

The deputy vice chancellor Prof Katrini Anguma however challenged the population of the West Nile region to join “the fight” in promoting quality education in the region.

ar co 31 10 18Mr. Felix Okello Opio the academic registrar (L) and Annet Adjidiru the communication officer during the press briefing. PHOTO BY RIMILIAH AMANDU

“In our region, schools perform poorly and yet admissions to university are on merit and strictly governed by the law which you cannot go over because it is a government body put to implement the admissions,” he said.

“Our cry to the public is to encourage our children to work hard, let them get the wrong attitude off their minds. People from this region should be able to compete globally,” he said in response to the minimal admission of students from within West Nile at Muni university.

He said the university had invested time and resources in career guidance in schools to improve the situation.

Prof. Anguma also challenged the local population to target the vast opportunities in business at the university in food, transport services and accommodation.