ARUA. Muni University students hailing from the nine districts of West Nile region on Sunday inaugurated their first leadership with the aim of fostering unity to address common challenges.

Previous associations of the same had struggled to hold ground due to numerous challenges; however, an interim team was set with the responsibility of drafting a constitution in the last one year.

“I was motivated because of the things we go through, the people out there are looking to us for inspiration because we all know that our population has not much-embraced education at the institution, but I so much believe we have a role to play” Mr Edward Malunga the chairperson said shortly after his inauguration.

Malunga rallied the association members to commit to the cause of sensitizing the local communities challenging them to live exemplary lives as they host other colleagues coming from the other parts of the country.

Mr Clement Cadribo, the outgoing chairperson of the task force said he saw the necessity for an association for West Nile students because of the need to unite, by this time students from other regions were already formed in similar associations.

He said in their one year amidst the many challenges, they had registered a number of successes including the drafting of the constitution and winning the University football league that was played among the different regions in the country.

Eng Godfrey Aluonzi, the association patron warned that the associations should not be centres of sectarianism but rather emphasize unity in diversity among the whole student population of the University.

He challenged the students to adequately brand themselves in the face of the competitive world, build partnerships and maintain relevance and visibility in all their activities.

“You must be serious, I will help you, direct and do many things but you must first be serious, I will not shy away from correcting you” A tough-talking Aluonzi warned.

“The highest failure rate at the university is from the local people the Lugbaras, Alurs and the Madi’s am not going to shy away from that, because you people think you are at home but pull up your socks because West Nile in history has a pedigree of good performance in all the Universities across the country, please style up and stop embarrassing yourself” he further warned.

The new leaders 16 04 19The new leaders pose for a photo before guests on Sunday. PHOTO BY RIMILIAH AMANDU.

Mr Cornelius Jobile, the deputy town clerk Arua municipality said associations are very good for identity and belonging but warned it should not be split further into smaller associations.

He said the government through the Public service Ministry had instructed all the local governments to institute information technology (IT) departments assuring the students of slots for internship.

Mr Malon Avutia, the LC III chairman of Pajulu standing in Ayivu Member of Parliament as the guest of honour asked the students to take their new roles seriously.

“Those of you leaders of the association, you are not ordinary people anymore, My MP Atiku began like that as a leader of an association in Makerere before going to Adumi as a councillor and today he is a member of Parliament, so please take it seriously”, Avutia said.