ARUA. Uganda’s presidential candidate on independent ticket, Ms Nancy Kalembe has urged voters to use ballots to make change in Uganda rather than resorting to physical confrontations that leads to bloodshed of innocent people.

A similar request was made on Saturday by Gen Henry Tumukunde, an independent candidate during his campaign trail in the West Nile region.

Ms Kalembe was speaking to journalists on Sunday at Emmanuel Cathedral-Mvara after attending church service as she finalized her campaign trail in the West Nile region.

Kalembe said the best fight Ugandans can have now should not be a physical battle, but rather fight against principalities that bring about bloodshed in the process of vying for leadership positions in the country.

“Our nation is facing difficult times and this coming election is going to be a tough one. But I am calling upon you to fight a good fight as children of God. Physical battles do not benefit. Through physical battles, people’s lives are lost and if we must fight, let's rise up to fight not against flesh and blood but against the principalities”, Kalembe stressed.

She said the change Uganda needs now will not happen through bloodshed as the blood that needed to be spilled for as a sacrifice for mankind was spilled by Jesus Christ.

KalembeMs Nancy Kalembe speaking to journalists on Sunday at Emmanuel Cathedral-Mvara. PHOTO BY JOSEPH ODAMA

Kalembe noted that leadership based on tribalism has been misleading development of Uganda, something that she wants to shape once she is given the mandate to become Uganda’s president by 2021.

She said collaborating with faith-based organizations will be one of the core things she will implement during her governance as president.

She said, out of the seven core things to implement in her manifesto, creating strong policies to protect and sustain families is a core thing for her to do because families play a critical role in the development process of a country, once it is embedded as a strong part of government in Uganda.

“First in my manifesto is the issue of faith and I believe we can work together with faith-based organizations to lift up our nation. The second point in my manifesto is family. Family is a building block of every community. For many years, families have been sacrificed on the altars of personal development and selfishness and we need to work together as a family if we want to heal our nation because family is where identities are built” Kalembe said.

Provost of Emmanuel Cathedral, Rev Can Solomon Adebo noted that leadership comes from God.

He said any leader who takes God at the top of his or her leadership is one who is following what God said in the scriptures and called upon politicians to take God first during this electoral period.