ARUA. Old students through their Association of Vurra Old student’s association and parents have constructed a multimillion VIP latrine for boys in Vurra secondary school.

The 11-stance latrine cost Shs 34,335,000 where old students contributed Shs 7,870,900 while parents injected Shs 26,464,100 to support the project.

While commissioning the project on Friday last week, Mr Ivan A’biyo, chairperson Vurra Old Students Association said it is a give-back moment for them as old students of the school that has made them who they are. He said the VIP latrine has been an urgent need in the school.

“We started this VIP latrine project for the boys after realizing that the school needs the latrine for both boys and girls. A student got in an accident some time back in the latrine, a reason we have come back as old students to give back to the school. We also thought it wise to avert future accidents by having a VIP constructed for boys”, A’biyo said.

Head teacher of Vurra SS, Mr David ‘Dima Dan revealed that since the inception of the school, latrines have been temporarily established and have been posing risks to the students.

He said one of the girls fell into a pit-latrine in 2016, a factor that propelled the school to quickly establish a VIP latrine at girls’ wing, leaving boys using temporary ones that still posed risks of accident.

“The old students thought that they could not wait for another student to fall into the pit latrine. That’s why they initiated the project by first consulting us. As a school we are very grateful to the old students for the initiative”,the head teacher said.

‘Dima said construction of a VIP latrine for boys would be dragging longer as the school has been lacking funds to construct the latrine urgently.

HT VurraHeadteacher of Vurra secondary achool, Mr David 'Dima Dan. PHOTO BY JOSEPH ODAMA

He said good developments go with tasks attached to them, as the challenge is flashed back to how students will perform while having better facilities in place.

He identified inadequate text books in the school as another challenge that old students should look at so that the challenge will be left to the students in terms of academic excellence without complaints.

“Now that the VIP latrine is fine, the challenge is now with inadequate text books for students’ studies”, he said.

Mr Nelson Nde’bua, the Parents' Teachers Association (PTA) chairman thanked the Old boys and parents for the collaboration they exhibited in contributing to the school, through which they passed.

Mr Stephen Ayiko, the chairman board of governors of the school on his part warned students against misusing the latrine and called upon them to work hard so that they excel in the forthcoming Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) and Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) examinations.