ARUA. Arua district leaders have assured the players and management of Onduparaka football club (FC) of their unwavering support ahead of the club’s 10 years anniversary.

Celebrations to mark the 10 years of existence climax on Tuesday. Club officials and police earlier said President Yoweri Museveni is expected to be the chief guest.

“I am interested in Onduparaka FC as a government worker because I know it is one of the ways to empower and employ our youth,” Mr Nahori Oya, the Arua resident district commissioner (RDC) said.

The RDC in the company of the district chairman, Mr Sam Wadri Nyakua and other top officials had visited green light stadium to deliver food items from Abi zonal agricultural research development institute (ZARDI).

Oya while addressing the players before the handover of the items, urged them to persevere through the challenges for any chance of a bright future.

“You are here for a noble cause and I want to encourage you not to regret; sports needs sacrifice because it is very challenging, and if you don’t have the heart to sacrifice, you will give up and lose the way,” he cautioned

Meanwhile Nyakua warned the players against indiscipline, drunkenness and sexual immorality.

“It’s a pleasure for all of us to associate with you, the club has been a big uniting factor not only for West Nile but for the whole Northern Uganda and we are proud and assure you of our support,” Nyakua said.

“But don’t be drunkards, don’t be womanisers because everybody including girls want to associate with you but we want to see you growing” Nyakua added.

He promised some support during Tuesday’s celebration from the district local government and said this will be the second support from the district.

Some of the items handed over to the players included a goat, two trays of eggs, honey, protein rich Longe V maize, Iron and Zinc rich beans and water melons enough to feed the players for a day.

Mr Oya

Dr. Alex Abaca, a senior researcher at Abi ZARDI said the donation was a gesture of appreciation to the ‘regional team’ and appealed to other organizations and individuals to follow suit.

“As an institute mandated to do research on crops and animals, we have demonstrated our ability to provide nutrient rich food for the players for one day,” Abacha said.

“Secondly, we want to demonstrate to people that Abi-ZARDI has a variety of food items that the community have no access to and through the exhibition we want to demonstrate to the community what the available food options are at Abi ZARDI,” Mr Abaca said.

On behalf of the club, Mr Henry Baiga, the chairman of Onduparaka FC fans commended Abi ZARDI for the support and pledged to work as a team for the development of the club.

By press time, preparations were already in high gear, road graders were working on the road to the stadium, tents being erected and a beehive of activity at RDC’s office in Arua town.