ARUA CITY: Onduparaka FC public relations officer (PRO) Mr Mark Lulua has said the lack of a clear technical leadership has negatively impacted the club hence the poor run of form for most of the 2020/21 season.
Although the club had taken until the end of March to make an official statement, former head Coach Mr Vialli Bainomusha had been missing from the technical bench for most of the season.
The announcement of the termination of Vialli’s services was swiftly followed by one ushering in Mr Joseph Harold Mutyaba as the new head coach on interim basis until the end of the season.
Onduparaka have been able to only amass 21 points from a possible 48 in the current season lying 8th on the log and the PRO has attributed their mixed fortunes this season to the void created by the absence of the head coach.
“I must say this is football where you expect anything, but you know that the team has been without a leader for some time, we didn’t have a head coach and that’s one thing that has been affecting the team right from the first round” Lulua told reporters.
He was together with the new head Coach addressing the media ahead of their Uganda Cup fixture with Luwero United on Saturday. The first leg of the Luwero game is slated for Monday at Ababet green light stadium.
He said the club had acted ‘swiftly’ to bring in another Coach on interim basis to try to change the clubs fortunes for the remainder of the season.
“Of course you can expect any result from any team as long as the team is playing in the Uganda premier league because the league is tough. It’s now in our hands, if we can take it from here with the new technical team and of course do better, we shall see ourselves improving from our current position” Lulua stated.
Assistant club captain Denis Andama, speaking at the same press conference said the club had endured tough times but the new coach was already steadying the ship hardly a week with the players.
“Honestly it’s been a bad time for us but it always happens in football and to any team, the boys know that they have a mountain to climb, now they are focused because this is a club that has been in the league for long and they know it will be a big disappointment to let the team down” Andama said.

AssistantAssistant captain Andama admitted that the club was going through a tough huddle (OFFICIAL CLUB PHOTO)
“In the last two days when the coach came, you realize that everything in the team changed, right from the time of training, he was able to bring the technical team together and inquired about every player, it’s been tough but they say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, so we all believe what he is teaching us is right and we are ready to work with him” Andama also nicknamed Kooko said.
Coach Mutyaba said his immediate responsibility was to understand the player’s capabilities and weaknesses before imposing his preferred style of play on the team.
“I will be expecting my team to play professional football and the systems will be interjected with the style of play, for now the formation doesn’t matter” He said.
He continued “It’s the style of play that affects the formation because as you know the transfer market is no longer open, so I have to understand what kind of players I have, guide them until they follow what I want”
The coach clearly stated that he wouldn’t shy aware from pushing the players to limits if it is what it takes to bring the best out of the team.
“I expect to take two weeks for everybody to understand what I want but it depends on the number of players and how they will respond, for now the players are responding positively” he said.
He said Onduparaka is a big team and expects all the players to raise their game to defend the club’s reputable name.
The Uganda cup games will be played on a home-and-away basis and Onduparaka will head to Kasana for their return leg.