ARUA. Parents in Arua district have been advised to send their daughters who got pregnant during the Covid-19 lockdown period back to school.
The advice was given by country director of Germany founded Sparkssenstiftung-Uganda, Ms Monday Edigold while speaking during a joint Women’s Day celebration for the greater Arua district at Arua police grounds in Arua city.
Edigold noted that giving another chance to such girls to go back to school grants them the opportunity to achieve personal dreams that they had set before the pregnancy.
She added that it is the responsibility of men to protect teenage girls from such vices other than luring them into sexual affairs that can eventually lead to unwanted pregnancy.
“I appeal to all men who are supposed to protect us to do their job of protecting us but not to satisfy their sexual thirst by cutting the dream of the girl-child short and once that dream is not cut short, then the boy child will also be protected”, Edigold noted.
Women speakers during the day said seeing their teenage girls being impregnated by men who are supposed to protect them in all aspects is a painful thing to experience and called for a collective effort by men and women to support respective families in which education should be at the centre for the children.
Incumbent Arua district chairman, Mr Sam Wadri Nyakua and Arua district chairman elect, Alfred Okuonzi said women are the back-born of development in the communities and called for joint efforts to avert Gender Based Violence against women in homes.
Chief guest for Women’s day celebration in Arua, the woman MP elect for Arua district, Ms Lillian Paparu called upon women to respect culture in the process of advocating for women empowerment because men also play critical roles in making women better in the economy.
Uganda celebrated the 2021 Women’s Day under the theme “Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world on the way to the Generation Equality Forum”