ARUA. The President of Uganda, Mr Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has said political segregation in Uganda has been a big factor distorting development for the good of the people in the country.

Mr Museveni was speaking as National Resistance Movement (NRM) Presidential candidate during his campaigns at Muni University in Arua city on Thursday.

He said the segregation being created in the political arena of Uganda by political parties has been based on tribe, religion and culture.

Museveni said majority political parties in Uganda from the time of independence have been creating such segregation among Ugandans, an issue he says has only been made right by the National Resistance Movement (NRM) party that he leads.

The President noted that segregation made it easier for the white man to easily colonize many African countries, just because they were divided.

Mr Museveni reiterated that politics which is characterized by segregation creates hatred and it cannot lead into a stable country with a stable army that results in economic development.

“If you do not have a stable politics and stable national army, how shall you establish peace in the country?” Mr Museveni asked.

Museveni disclosed that he was a member of the Democratic Party while in University, but broke out of the party after seeing it was having a segregative agenda.

He said addressing the needs of the people has been the core agenda of NRM leadership that has been made possible by the peace which the party ushered in 1986.

"If people have the same needs, why do you treat them differently? If people's needs are the same, why do you bring segregation among them?" Museveni noted.

He said NRM ideology has been emphasizing on the needs of the people that he said has not been the case with many other political parties in Uganda.

On what the fallen President Idi Amin Dada did in Uganda, Mr Museveni cautioned that there is no need for any politician to blame people of West Nile for the mistakes of the former President because they were personal mistakes.

"You can see how dangerous segregation is. My father makes a mistake and I am blamed for my father’s mistakes. But my father did not consult me when he did those things. You can imagine the suffering of the people of West Nile was because of Idi Amin. It was not people of the region who recruited Amin in the army, but it was his actions that made people in the region to suffer,” Mr Museveni said.

He added that politics of today is issue-based politics that should not be characterized by segregation as people are concerned about their welfare.

Yoweri MPresident Yoweri Kaguta Museveni speaking at Muni University. PHOTO BY JOSEPH ODAMA

The President said the peace NRM ushered has attracted foreign investors to do business in Uganda which he said has led to increased industrialization to solve the problem of joblessness in Uganda.

“The investors came here because of peace and also cleverness of knowing what kind of image to create in the world, has attracted these foreign investors,” Museveni stressed.

He said these are the things that people need to be told by leaders of the NRM so that electorates understand what the party has done for them and what it will do in the future.

Mr Museveni attributed the NRM party to a political clinic that he said has a clear determination in development of the people and called upon electorates to vote for NRM party in January 2021.

"If you are looking for a political, social and cultural clinic, the right place is the NRM," he said.

He observed that all what he has said and many other issues are being summarized in NRM manifesto for 2021-2026 electoral period.

State minister for internal affairs, Mr Mario Obiga Kania who also doubles as Terego district NRM chairman reminded president Museveni about unfulfilled pledges including the construction of the roads connecting Terego district with Arua city and Yumbe, a road between Wandi and Rhino camp that the President promised to be constructed in the memory of late Ibrahim Abiriga and Onduparaka-Odramacaku road among others.

He called upon the President to commission Yumbe hospital so that it can be elevated to a regional referral hospital as Arua becomes another national hospital for Uganda.

When Kania requested the President to explain the issue of Emyoga, NRM general secretary, Ms Kasule Lumumba said the matter can best be explained by the Ministry of Finance as the matter is in their dockets.

Ms Agele Beatrice from Koboko expects the President to ensure elevation of Koboko general hospital into a fully-fledged hospital on top of improving security and strategies for wealth creation.

The same concern was raised by Mr Longino Etrima from Terego district who expects President Museveni’s government (once given another chance as the President of Uganda) to establish a general hospital for Terego district.