ARUA. President Yoweri Museveni, the President of the Republic of Uganda has promised to start a fish farming project with the youths of West Nile region along the Nile valley.

Speaking during a rally in Arua town on Sunday, the President said the project will help in reducing the rate of unemployment and improve on the lives of the youths in the region.

“I would like to start a project of fish farming in the Nile valley with these youths. I have already done the experiment. I have got four fish ponds in Luwero on half an acre of land and each year, I get shs64m,” said Museveni..

“So the youths who are here and don’t have jobs, let’s go to the Nile valley and we do fish farming,” Museveni added.

The President said instead of wasting time smoking Bangi (Marijuana), doing stupid things and being misled by politicians, the youth should consider venturing in such income generating projects.

“I am a former youth myself and therefore, nobody can tell me about youths. I know youths because you are talking to a former youth,” the President stressed.

Museveni said he started his activities when he was 19 years old, adding that when he sees old men of 35 years saying they are youths he wonders what king of youths they are.

The President said by 35, one is a man, not a youth and warned such elements against misleading the children by pampering them to smoke Bangi because he (Museveni) never smoked Marijuana.

“I never drank alcohol, I never smoked and that is why I’m still a youth even at 75. So don’t listen to people who are pampering and misleading you,” Museveni told the youth.

“Let’s go to the Nile valley and do fish farming. By the time we start from those areas of Panyimur and so on, we make fish ponds near the river and by the time we get to Wadelai, all the youths would have got the jobs,” Museveni said.

He observed that as government, they don’t recommend coffee, cotton, tobacco even maize, sugar cane growing, looking after indigenous cows because those need more land.

Museveni also advised that if one doesn’t have four acres of land, the person can do poultry for eggs, piggery, some few cows for milk and buy food for them from people who have enough land.

During the function, Betty Among, the Minister of Lands, Housing and Urban development took the opportunity to inform the public that before the President made it to the venue, he first commissioned Enyau and the two Cathedral roads.

She said the roads were part of the Presidential pledge to the people of Arua.

Among noted that other projects which have also been worked upon are Idi Amin road, Lemerijua road and Arua taxi park complex.

The Minister said as government they now intend to work on Duuka, Adroa, Adumi and Awindiri roads with street lights.

But Museveni didn’t respond to some of the demands made by Sam Wadri Nyakua, the Arua district chairman and Mourine Osoru, the Arua Woman MP for him to buy a bus for Onduparaka football club, create more Constituencies for Ayivu County and build the long-awaited Dorcus Inzikuru stadium among others.

The President was later showered with gifts including a wooden shield and spear, sheep and a cock among other things.

M7 2 21 05 19President Museveni receives a wooden shield and a spear from the leaders of Arua on Sunday. PHOTO BY CLEMENT ALUMA