ARUA. Beneficiaries under the Development response to displacement impact projects (DRDIP) in Uriama sub county, Arua district have pledged to follow the project guidelines to ensure success of the World Bank funded project.

Their pledge came at the backdrop of a three-day training for management committee members at Ejome catholic parish.

DRDIP is a government of Uganda program intended to mitigate negative impacts of hosting refugees especially in environment and house hold income generation.

Mr Allen Scanto Miria, the beneficiaries’ team leader, hailed the interactive training module as a big catalyst towards their empowerment.

“This is the first time in my experience that beneficiaries are trained before implementation of a government project, they made us to understand everything because they responded to our doubts whenever it arose and the facilitators were friendly till the end of the three days”, Miria explained.

Uriama sub county chairman Mr Lonzino Itrima while closing the training program advised the beneficiaries to avoid the weak links in the implementation of the projects and invest the proceeds wisely.

“Do not allow grudges between two people to weaken your operations, members should not stand as surety for external borrowers who may become bad debtors and don’t use the benefits got under projects for marrying new wives or husbands, please don’t shame the trainers and the government by failing the projects”, Itrima pleaded.

Mr. Stephen ObitreMr. Stephen Obitre makes a presentation during the training.

Mr Norman Andama, a community development worker from Arua labour office who trained the beneficiaries on finance management cautioned them on borrowing external funds to run the projects.

“You’re not allowed to borrow any fund from other people or don’t allow project funds to be borrowed by any other person, that is why payment for every activity will be done through cheque”, Andama advised.

Mr Morphart Rukua, one of the community facilitators in the sub-county said 13 projects under environment protection including establishment of Isaa water shed, installation of solar panels worth UGX 37M at Ejome secondary school and revolving fund for existing SACCO groups from Opicaku, Ejoni and Okaa villages will be funded.

Eleven districts namely Arua, Koboko, Yumbe, Moyo, Adjumani, Lamwo, Hoima, Kiryadongo, Isingiro, Kamwenge, and Kyegegwa that are hosting refugees have been selected to benefit under the DRDIP program.

The project values that will be funded range from UGX 18 -40million and the benefiting groups comprise at least twelve members.