ARUA. Alianda Community School in Aripezu village, Nicu Parish in Bileafe sub-county Arua district is struggling to educate about 400 pupils including 25 candidates due to inadequate structures to shelter them during rains.

According to the locals in the area, they have been enduring the challenges ever since the school was opened in 2014.

Concerned parents pledged to sustain the school until the government considers it for grant-aiding. The nearest neighbouring school is Nga-aziku primary school which is about 8km away.

When West Nile Web the school after it had rained, a few pupils had come out but the majority of them were still in the church waiting for rain droplets to reduce.

The head teacher of the school Mr Moses Alema confirmed that the school is in a dire need of government support and concerned locals acknowledging that pupils rush to shelter in one place in a church at Ayaa Opangi Anglican parish centre.

“Once it starts to rain our lessons cease, the children rush to get a space in the church together with the teachers except for the  P.5 class that learns in the visitor’s house in the parish centre. This is a serious challenge that requires an urgent intervention”, Alema explained.

Mr Bosco Adomati, one of the teachers in the school explained that they are used to the challenges in the school that opened six years ago.

He said they were disappointed when a heavy storm recently blew off the wall of a three-classroom block under construction by parents that would have helped some of the vulnerable classes.

Collapsed classroom 06 05 19Collapsed classroom block that was under construction at Alianda community school in Bileafe sub-county.

He blamed Bileafe local government for failing to deliver the iron sheets that were budgeted this financial year for roofing the collapsed class block.

“The parents in this school were motivated to build this collapsed three classroom block but what has happened is discouraging and has reduced the moral and hope to improve the learning condition of children”, Adomati lamented.

Mr Bernard Ecoku, another teacher noted that merely seeing clouds in the skies is a big worry for the result oriented school which two years ago scored the best results in PLE in Bileafe sub-county.

A section of the bright looking children expressed their grievances and explained that they are exposed to direct coldness after rains when they go back to attend lessons under the trees.

Bileafe Sub-county chairman Mr Geoffrey Olema expressed shock over reports that the block his administration was supposed to provide iron sheets collapsed and blamed the technocrats over the failure to deliver the budgeted for iron sheets.

Terego West MP Mr Moses Angundru is currently constructing two five stance latrines for boys and girls in the school.

Each pupil in the school pays sh.5000 as fees besides building funds and examination fees but the money is inadequate for funding both remuneration of teachers and development of structures.