ARUA. The reopening of Edrayio police post in Ejoni parish, Uriama sub-county, Arua district has excited the locals of the area.

According to the locals, the police post which was recently closed during a national merger program had caused a lot of insecurity cases in the area.

Mr Cosmus Eyama, a resident of Opicaku village in Uriama sub-county noted that of late, there has been high rate of crime following the closure of the police post.

He said the decision to close the post provided a conduit for the passage of criminals, stolen animals and property.

Mr Nixon Cadri, a resident of Ejomi village also in Uriama sub-county said several people were assaulted due to the absence of the police post with many now nursing injuries while others have lost property to thieves.

Now the jubilant residents urged the district security team to increase the number of police officers at the post so as to meet the increasing demand within and from the neighboring sub-counties like Bileafe, Aii-vu and Omugo.

Mr Christopher Abiriga, the acting chairperson for Edrayio trading centre management committee said the reopening of the police post is a big relief for them.

“The security of the trading centre had almost gone out of hands because of the behavior of the youths. They were involved in fighting, theft, harassment of women and pick-pocketing,” Mr Abiriga narrated.

Meanwhile, Mr Lonzino Itrima, the Uriama sub-county chairperson reminded the locals to understand that the police presence in the remote communities is vital.

“For the arrival of police officers, I really feel so happy because communities are the primary beneficiaries of their work and the officers should be available to do community policing to avoid crime,” Itrima stated.

He, however, said the failure by the district security team to involve sub-county chairpersons in determining which police post would be merged was a great mistake.

The new officer in charge of the post ASP Wilfred Cwina was embraced with the warm reception and advised the locals to join hands with police to restore law and order in the area.

SP Christopher Barugahere, the West Nile regional police commander said they revised their decision to answer the plea of the locals after realizing some manpower in the force.

Reports also indicate that the police headquarters in Kampala authorized the reopening of the post after Itrima outlined numerous factors that necessitate the presence of the police post that was opened in 2012 under the defunct Maracha-Terego district.