ARUA. Staff at Logiri health centre III in Arua district are struggling to offer health services to its more than 23,000 catchment population due to serious staffing gaps and inadequate infrastructure.

The unit currently is sustained by four staff after the in-charge was reportedly involved in an accident that would make the number to five.

The standard staffing level for a health centre III is supposed to be eighteen.

A building that was housing the labour and the male wards was destroyed by a falling tree and to date has yet to be renovated making the authorities to mix the male, female and the children wards in one room.

The Kitchen where patients admitted to the health centre had to cook their food was also destroyed and too has not been rebuilt.

“The in charge and the staff are getting it difficult to admit patients here especially mothers who are supposed to report two to three weeks to their time of delivery”, said Ms Paska Aliru a member of the Health Unit Management Committee (HUMC).

“They come when they are due for delivery and are discharged immediately once they have gone into labour because of the limited space available”, she added.

Mr Marshen Agondua, the HUMC chairman of the unit said a bill of quantity (BOQ) of more than sh40 million was prepared but no response has since been obtained three years down the road.

Mr Marshen 16 09 19Mr Marshen Agondua, the HUMC chairman speaks to journalists at the health facility.

Part of the broken house that was not severely damaged has since been occupied by the security guards.

Ms Josephine Asuru, a midwife at the health centre said the unit undertakes 35-45 deliveries, 200-250 antenatal visits, and 80 family planning visits on a monthly average.

MP Eng Aridru intervenes

Area Member of Parliament Dr Gabriel Ajedra Aridru in a bid to partly solve the problem delivered 50 iron sheets to the health unit.

Locals 16 09 19Locals offload the iron sheets from a vehicle.

Aridru who was not physically present during the delivery of the iron sheets received applause from the HUMC members for his gesture.

“We continue to appeal to him to lobby more for us so that this building can be functional again”, Agondua said after receiving the 50 iron sheets.

He said this was the second time the area legislator had contributed towards the renovation of the broken house, the first contribution ‘was not enough’ and works could thus not start.