ARUA. A United States of America based Starkey Aid foundation has donated 500 hearing aid kits to people with hearing impairments in West Nile region of Uganda.

The hearing care coordinator for Starkey Aid Foundation in Uganda, Ms Namukwaya Rose said the one day’s activity that took place on Wednesday at Arua regional referral hospital (ARRH) also treated patients with ear related infections and cleaning them.

“If you don’t treat infections early, you can easily have hearing loss because of not treating them”, she added.

She said hearing aid kits help the deaf to capture whatever is going on in their environment especially when vehicles are passing and those with a slight hearing loss can be able to hear things like a normal person.

The use of hearing aid kits is also known to help children in learning how to speak after their hearing ability has been boosted with the kit.

The exercise for West Nile region was after a similar one in Gulu district where six hundred (600) people were confirmed to have been treated and given hearing aid kits.

40year old Teresina Drijaru from Orekoturu village in Oluko Sub County said she lost her hearing ability in her childhood for reasons she does not know.

Ms RoseMs Rose Namukwaya. PHOTO BY JOSEPH ODAMA

She confirmed that she could now be able to hear better with the help of the hearing aid she just received.

Incidentally, Drijaru’s son identified as Richard A’biyo is also suffering from the same disorder like that of the mother.

Namukwaya disclosed that a pair of hearing aid kit that they are giving out costs between Shs3.5million to Shs5million, something that she said many Ugandans cannot afford and called upon the community to rush children and adults with ear infections to the hospital for treatment once they observe anything unique with them.

“Not everyone can afford to buy hearing aid. That is why we came in to give free hearing aid kits to people who cannot afford it”, Namukwaya noted.

Ms TeresinaMs Teresina Drijaru with her son, Richard A'biyo. PHOTO BY JOSEPH ODAMA

She identified some of the possible causes of hearing loss as trauma, accident, domestic violence and improper medication among others.

She stressed that avoiding some of the possible causes to hearing loss is another major method to combating hearing complications.

She thanked Arua hospital authorities for the worm reception they received and undertaking screening process before Starkey Aid Foundation came on ground to distribute the kits.