ARUA CITY: The Terego and Obongi women Members of Parliament have set out ambitious plans to transform their communities as they kick start their maiden 5-year term in office.

The women legislators have also vowed to work tirelessly in upbringing their young districts to the front in many developmental and social aspects and urged district political and technical teams to support their plans.

“Beginning Saturday (29th May), we are going to start distributing 37,000 fruit and woodlot trees in Terego and shall continue the process, we intend to plant up to 2 million trees because our environment has been drastically depleted”, said Ms Rose Obiga, the woman MP Terego district.

Obiga said she lobbied the trees from the Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF) during their recent retreat for newly elected Members of Parliament at the national leadership institute Kyakwanzi.

She said the trees would be distributed by her agents at parish level and asked the populace to strictly follow the earlier issued guidelines on plantation to minimise mortality. She said the best farmers, village, parish and sub county would all be rewarded after a period of time, a move aimed at motivating the recipients to cater for the trees.

She said a plan was also in the offing to set up a savings group in each village for all the villagers with a contribution of sh1000 every week, Obiga said she would be a member of each of the groups and that the leaders would be trained on financial management.

On education, the new legislator said head teachers, senior women/men teachers would soon be called for a meeting with the district education officer (DEO) to forge a way forward in improving the state of the worrying trend of education in the district.

She was addressing a press conference together with Ms Zumura Maneno, her counterpart of Obongi district on Friday in Arua city.

Ms Zumura also outlined ambitious plans to provide pads for school girls, buy at least two ambulances for the district and lobby with the Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) to solve the long standing problem of the ferry.

The Obongi ferry has been out of operation for close to a year due to the excessive floods that ravaged the district in 2020. Part of the plans being discussed is to temporarily move the landing site to a place only identified as Angalia-Cini as a lasting solution is sought to improve the landing site.

“Obongi is the only district in the West Nile with no single electricity pole and we want that to change, currently the surveyor is around and if possible by the end of the year, the district should be able to get power”, she further asserted.

The former youth councillor challenged the populace to own government programs like operation wealth creation if abject poverty is to end in the district.

Besides ambulance services, the two legislators have also promised to offer tricycles commonly known as Tuk Tuk to improve on transportation for mothers in labour.