ARUA CITY: A sombre mood engulfed St. Phillips Church of Uganda in Arua town on Monday as family members and friends eulogised the late Godwin Eyotre during a requiem service.

Late Eyotre, popularly known amongst his peers as Treggy succumbed to cancer from Mulago Hospital in Kampala on 26th March 2021 after a long battle with the disease.

His family described him as a fighter and a peace maker who cared about others and a general social wellbeing of society.

His father Mr Richard Edemacu, speaking during the St Philip’s requiem mass also thanked the members of West Nile foundation and a host of other individuals for standing by the family in the most trying times of the deceased’s sickness.

Rev. Albert Aziku, the Vicar of St Philips church during homily urged the congregation to emulate the late Treggy’s example and be prepared while young.

“God has given us three stages of life, the one at Birth, the life in-between and the time to die, we do not have control over the time when we are born and when we die but he has given us all the freedom to decide what to do in the time between”, Rev Aziku told the mammoth congregation.

“You must then decide to set your affairs in order so that you are not caught by surprise when God calls you, Godwin prepared himself by being a peacemaker and accepted Jesus Christ as his personal saviour and now he is in heaven”, he further stated.

Mr EdemacuMr Edemacu (Blue African shirt) is consoled by Maracha district LCV elect Stephen Obitre after the prayers (PHOTO BY RIMILIAH AMANDU)

Mr Eyotre among others will be remembered among his peers as a socialite who contributed immensely in the entertainment industry in West Nile region.

While appearing on an interview with Mark Lulua on his Lulua Tv show last year, Treggy said his philosophy in life was to live to the fullest so that he can be remembered positively after his death.

“Don’t limit yourself, if you limit yourself and don’t give yourself a chance to live and suddenly you wake up amongst ghosts, what are you going to tell your fellow ghosts?” He asked during the interview.

He continued “What will people remember you for when you leave the earth? I am proud and happy that there is something I will be remembered for and something my family will also be remembered for, I know human beings are human beings and it can be very easy to be forgotten but how you are forgotten matters”, Eyotre said long before he fell sick.

Apart from organizing music events, concerts etc. he also managed Mandela Mubarak alias Freeboy Adams, arguably the greatest music talent by far hailing from the West Nile region.

After his demise, social media was flooded with messages of praise for the young soul born in 1991.

“When friendship leaves us through death, we feel cheated in life. Life doesn’t play fair so I vow to win the game for us both because that was the dream we shared, my manager, my brother and my friend” Mr Mandela Mubarak aka Freeboy Adams wrote.

Mercy Munduru, a Lawyer and head of communication and marketing at Onduparaka FC also wrote “The past couple of months were tough but the past two weeks have been weeks of hope, laughter by your side and sharing the word of God, thank you for accepting Jesus Christ as your personal saviour. Although we shall miss you, we choose to release you to your father who loves you more than we do”

Mr Lematia Adams, aka Otelul Vegas, the head of media, Arua Hill sports club and a former classmate wrote “Godwin, we started right from primary four, with all the intelligence and soft heart, at least you should have experienced grey hair, I just can’t stand”