ARUA. Excited with no security interference in Arua city, Gen Henry Tumukunde, a Presidential candidate for 2021general election has called upon the youth in Arua to use the ballot to vote for change in Uganda.

He said this would make growth and development of the country to be realized.

Gen Tumukunde was addressing voters at Arua primary playground in Arua city on Saturday.

“Use your votes to command tomorrow’s future. I remember the ten years your parents wasted in Congo while in exile and I know you lost ten years without going to school. We can pay special attention to that period when for no reason, you could not go to school,” he said.

Tumukunde noted that once given the chance to be the next President of Uganda, his government will also take care of parents who served in previous armies, but are currently helpless without pension in the communities, a factor that has made many of them not to educate their children.

“I can’t imagine a former chief of staff without having a pension package, just sitting in his house in Arua. I can’t see this happening anymore if I am given the mandate,” he added.

While recognizing the economic influence of ‘the baby Arua city’ could have in the business arena of Uganda, Gen Tumukunde said his government will establish more institutions like Universities with the aim of promoting international trade as students come from South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo and other parts of the world to study in Arua city.

He said attracting students will benefit Arua city and Uganda inform of gearing up development as he leads the country.

“That is why I don’t want you to stop here, but instead go ahead and vote for me,” the General begged.

Gen THGen Henry Tumukunde addressing supporters at Arua primary play ground. PHOTO BYT JOSEPH ODAMA

Tumukunde also expressed concern about the imbalances in the regional development of Uganda, upon which he said it is time to develop Northern Uganda to the level of other regions.

“The point I want to make is about the imbalance of development between Southern Uganda and Northern Uganda. It’s time we give attention to your own people and bring them to the level of other Ugandans,” he said.

Tumukunde said Northern Uganda has a lot of wasted land that should be used for mechanized farming as his government will give tractors to farmers to alleviate poverty in the region.

He said commercial farming in West Nile region and Northern Uganda has the potential to supply neighbouring countries like South Sudan, DRC and the Central African Republic with agricultural products and vice versa.

“I want to be a President because of the people of Arua and if I become a President because of you, I will be having a debt for you for which I will come back to pay. Without a reasonable doubt, we shall win this coming election,” Tumukunde said.

“Finally, I want to give a message to the women of Arua whom I always see running after President Museveni that after 35 years, if you are not doing well, when do you intend to do well? So, you should find the truth yourself and vote for tomorrow by not voting for today,” Gen Tumukunde said.

A section of locals whom West Nile Web spoke to said they wanted presidential candidates who would address West Nile’s challenges of poor road network and build capacity of farmers through mechanization of agriculture and unreliable power among other things.