ARUA. Two Congolese nationals and one Ugandan have been arrested by Police of Arua district after being caught smuggling ten sacs of Opium to Democratic Republic of Congo from Logiri sub county in Arua district.

Four suspects were arrested during the operation on Wednesday at 4AM by the police of Logiri sub county police post but one escaped.

According to Police spokesperson for West Nile region, Ms Josephine Angucia, the three have been transferred from Logiri sub county to Arua Central Police Station (CPS) as investigation continues into the matter.

The three have been charged with illegal possession of marijuana under the narcotic act as the ten sacs of opium are now at the stores of CPS awaiting destruction.

“On the morning of Wednesday at around 4AM, police of Logiri arrested four people with ten sacs of marijuana in which one of the suspects escaped. The owner of the business confessed that she has been doing the business, though she has not lasted in it for long” Ms Angucia said.

On police interrogation, the owner admitted that she takes the opium to Bunia town in Eastern DRC.

Ms Angucia disclosed that it’s not the first time for police in Arua to have been involved in arresting opium buyers and growers in Logiri sub county.

Angucia said Logiri and parts of Arivu sub counties in Arua district have been known for illegal production of opium by many farmers under the guise of growing food crops.

“This is not the first arrest we have ever made because we have ever impounded marijuana and destroyed gardens of marijuana in Logiri sub county. There is still a lot of marijuana being grown in the bushes and in the middle of crops” Said Angucia.

Angucia called upon local leaders to inform police about Opium businesses in Arua district so that police stops the act as it is an illegal venture.