ARUA CITY. The Member of Parliament for Obongi County and deputy secretary for mobilisation in Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Mr Hassan Kaps Fungaroo has faulted the Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF) of plotting to dislodge him by use of force.

Fungaroo who was speaking during a press conference in Arua City on Thursday said the force has come out with schemes to attack him and his other members who subscribe to opposition FDC using the cover of enforcing guidelines on protection against COVID-19 issued by the president and the ministry of health.

“It has come to my notice that security forces are increasingly and excessively getting involved in partisan electoral processes as we move towards elections of 2021, they do this under the disguises of working to enforce the guidelines of public order management act and COVID-19 management guidelines but in reality they do all this to make it difficult for members of the opposition to participate in the processes leading to elections in a manner where the opposition would have an upper hand over the NRM candidate”, Fungaroo stated.

He continued “the NRM government has come up with schemes particularly to attack some of us here in West Nile, they had meetings in Koboko involving the brigade commander of 409 and other detach commanders around the region planning on how the army will be used to disrupt and to disorganise the electoral process in Obongi so that they may get a chance as NRM for their candidate to win”

He continued “They have read the ground clearly that given the situation as it is, if they don’t involve the army, they are not going to win the elections in Obong”, Fungaroo said.

But the 409 brigade commander Col Jackson Kayanja laughed off the accusation saying they were unfounded and not true.

“That is a total lie, we have no problem with Hon Fungaroo, for us we are concerned about the security of our people and our borders, maybe he is just scared of his opponents, I have nothing to do with Mr Fungaroo and he has never been a subject in any of our meetings”, Col Kayanja said in a brief response.

But Fungaroo alleged that four meetings have been held in Moyo, Koboko, Arua and Kampala and concluded that more UPDF officers be deployed to counter FDC in the district.

“The Army should not be involved in partisan electoral processes; the army is not a party institution, the army and police are state institutions but if this army belongs to the NRM then it becomes necessary for the state to have its own army to take care of Ugandans who are not members of the NRM”, he added.

He appealed to international human right bodies to take a keen interest in issues evolving in Obongi and the entire West Nile region as elections approach.