ARUA. Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) officials have engaged different tax payers in Arua city and Arua district on the use of the Electronic Fiscal Receipting and Invoicing Solution (EFRIS).

EFRIS is a new smart business solution used to record business transactions and share the information with URA concurrently. The initiative is under the domestic revenue mobilization program whose aim is to address the tax administration challenges relating to business transactions and insurance of receipts.

Speaking during a Baraza meeting involving different stakeholders in Arua at Heritage Courts Hotel on Saturday, Ms Lillian Adiru, the Domestic Tax Officer Arua, said EFRIS involves the use of e-Invoicing through the URA web portal and direct communication with business transaction systems.

Adiru urged tax payers to embrace and comply with the EFRIS since it has so many benefits to add to their businesses.

She observed that EFRIS eliminates the risk of physical loss of tax invoices as transactional data are digitally stored in the system.

“And when you use e-receipts or e-invoices, refund claims can easily be tracked because the information shall be available in the system. This is a step in enabling URA to avail taxpayers with prefilled tax returns in future to minimize delays and costs involved in filing tax returns,” Adiru stated.

“As I talk now, we have around 168 tax payers on our register for value added tax and out of the 168 registered taxpayers; we have 101 who are issuing EFRIS. So, the question is what is the challenge on their side because that is about 60 per cent of our register issuing online invoices and online receipts, what could be their challenge?” Adiru asked.

Similarly, Ms Nabicu Proscovia, the URA Regional Manager Northern Region appealed to the tax payers in Arua to use EFRIS, promising that come November 1, 2021, they are going to start rejecting the manual invoices.

Mr Moses Obeta, the Arua business community chairperson commended URA for introducing the EFRIS system which he said will help businessmen in tracking their records.

“We have been having the challenge of lost documents and when we are asked to proof, it becomes very difficult. But today, we have the e-receipting which we shall be checking from the system and I thank URA for this initiative,” Obeta said.

“Let us not evade tax. Tax is in the Bible and it started a long time ago so, let people not evade tax payment because it is what the government uses to develop the country,” Ms Alice Akello, the Arua Resident City Commissioner said.

She urged URA to organize such meetings regularly so that the relationship between the tax body and tax payers is improved.

Mr Simon Ababo, the Assistant Chief Administrative Officer of Arua district also said to improve on tax collection; it requires efforts of all the stakeholders including the community members.

“Lack of information and knowledge among our population is the main problem, but if we can plan to educate our public on the benefits of taxes, rest assured, people will comply,” Ababo said.

The half-day engagement organized by URA was marked under the theme: “The benefits of EFRIS.”