ARUA. The coordinator of the operation wealth creation (OWC), Gen Salim Saleh has said different leaders attending the Uganda German investment symposium should use it to establish links with the grass-root peasants.

Gen. Saleh said president Yoweri Museveni has a concern in for the peasantry and warned he would not be interested in any academic presentations without evidence of tangible results on the ground.

Gen. Saleh, the convener of the high-level symposium was speaking on the first day of the two-day event at Muni University in Arua district on Thursday.

“I am begging the symposium, we should talk as much as we can but if the symposium doesn’t tell the president how we are going to reach the peasant who he wants us to reach, then he will not be interested in our discussions”, Saleh Said.

“I have tried to touch the peasants, I have sent the officers there but when you give them Mangoes, they say they didn’t ask for mangoes and they are right, you give them cattle, half of the cows die because they have not asked for those exotic things”

“To be sincere I am bit tired of the peasants now, I have tried for six years but I am almost giving up, so, if we can use this symposium to concretize a message for him (President) on how we are going to reach the peasants, then sky is the limit for the region” Saleh further said.

He made presentations on the transformation of Kapeeka industrial park and asked stakeholders in the West Nile region to cooperate in setting similar ventures in the region.

Dr. Eric Adriko, the chancellor Muni University said the participation of partner states of DR Congo, South Sudan, and other East African Community member states signifies the oneness of Africa.

He said the continent is connected socially and culturally with its people united with one purpose of transformation through pushing the frontiers of knowledge and economic empowerment and peacebuilding as a way of pushing the African Union (AU) Agenda, the Uganda vision 2040 among others.

Dr. Adriko said the West Nile region offers a relatively untapped market across the borders of Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, DRC, South Sudan and the Central African Republic that is ideal for investments.

He also thanked the business community from the West Nile and Northern Uganda for the keen interest in the symposium by putting forth a number of business proposals.

delegates 08 08 19A cross section of delegates during the meeting.

He Said the symposium will further speed up development for the newly granted city for Arua that is expected to roll out in the 2020/21 financial year.

Dr. Robert Mwesigwa Rukaari, the chairman of the national organizing committee thanked OWC for involving the academia in bringing up the peasants.

He urged the same academia to close the gap by skilling the sections like youth, women and other groups that are lagging behind.

The symposium that is to be addressed by president Museveni on day two was officially opened by the first deputy prime minister Gen. Moses Ali.