ARU CITY. The bishop of Madi and West Nile diocese Charles Collins Andaku has said the COVID-19 has taught a lesson to the church that it is not sustainable to rely on offertory alone.

He also said as a result, the diocese has already started different processes of engaging the Christains and Churches to explore investment opportunities to raise money. He outlined some of the ventures as construction of housing units for rent and commercial agriculture among others.

Speaking from his residence at Emmanuel cathedral Mvara, Bishop Andaku also called on the Church in the diocese to intensify teaching and discipleship in order to withstand the adversities especially during the global COVID-19 pandemic.

The prelate also reiterated his earlier stance to church leaders to use social media in advancing the vision and mandate of the Church.

He asked Church leaders to be relevant in addressing the needs of the people during the pandemic saying many Christians had lost hope due to the hard economic situation they face as a result of the restrictions.

The bishop also highlighted the unfortunate trend of suicides, family breakages and many other community conflicts that are increasing under the weight of the global Corona disease crisis.

He further called upon Christians to share the little they have with the needy in their communities but above all depend on the word of God which he said is a sure source of comfort in all circumstances.

Religious institutions have been one of the hardest hit with the presidential directives to prevent the spread of COVID-19, places of worship have been closed since March 18th.

However, the Church in the diocese has been heavily reliant on local radio stations as well as social media to preach the word of God.