ARUA. The Uganda nation historical returnees, an umbrella organisation that brings together members in West Nile who once lived in exile has called for peace ahead of the 2021 Uganda general elections.

Speaking during the launch of the returnees’ historical day at Late Gen Mustafah Adirisi’s home on Friday in Arua city, the chairperson of the organisation Ms Zaitoun Candiru said mothers, elders and brothers had the obligation to tell the youth what they are supposed to do.

“Our youth in this country today are not doing good things, so it’s we the mothers and our elders, our brothers, to tell them exactly what they are supposed to do; we have to tell our children the good of this country”, Candiru said.

She continued “when we keep quiet, our children will not know exactly what they are supposed to do, it’s us to tell them what they are supposed to do and that is why our children have not been benefiting from this government”, Candiru said.

Ms Zaitoun CMs Zaitoun Candiru, the chairperson of the organization speaks during the function.

The Arua resident city commissioner Mr Nahori Oya said youths who are talking about change of government now are those who were born after 1986 in a peaceful environment and don’t know how it feels like to live in exile.

“If we are to give accountability of the suffering we faced because of war in Congo and Sudan, there are mass graves of children we left behind in those countries just between 1979 to 1986, the youths should know that just because things are good now, they have not been like that, things have been bad in this country in the past”, Oya said.

Mr Abdallah Mahmoud, the founder of West Nile Effort for Museveni said Late Gen Mustafah Adirisi left a legacy of peace to them.

“The Late vice president was a peace loving person, he offered us this compound that whenever we want to talk peace, we should use this compound and that is why we are here today, we associate ourselves with the NRM because it received us from exile and since then we have been peaceful, this is what we want the youth to know and understand and not to joke around with issues of leadership”, Abdallah said.

Uganda national historical returnee’s day 1986 is an initiative of West Nile Effort for Museveni, a pressure group based in Arua city, its patron was late vice president Gen Mustafah Adirisi who appreciated the importance of open hand extended by NRM government in 1986 for Ugandan exiles to return home.

The day is organised to recognise and remember Uganda’s history and developments since then, preach peace and unity and inform the youth of Uganda’s history.