ARUA. It’s no doubt the number of discotheques and the general ‘happening’ places has surged over the recent times as more people get added into the life of the city to be.

The Euphoria of the festive season makes it even better as revellers come all out to embrace these hangout places.

“Party after party” the popular phrase in the lyrics of artiste Big Trill becomes real and indeed after largely successful events for most organizers on Christmas day despite the rain, now all is set for the transition into the new year 2020.

If the estimates are something to go by, then the organizers of the third edition of the West Nile music festival street jam are a clear show of ambition and optimism at a higher level.

The street jam is a popular event where revellers are treated to acts by artists and dancers as the street remains closed to the usual traffic flow.

And now organizers headed by Electra lounge, a popular club in Arua town expect 10,000 revellers to grace their end of year street jam after previously hitting up to 8,000 in the last 2017 edition.

A rich line of artists has been selected according to Mr Bob Collins, the event manager of the street jam. Headlined by the house name Winnie Nwagi, OPU from Koboko, Elton from Nebbi, GA Swagger, Young Bizzo, Gbaraspoken, Rapper Blutit selected from across the West Nile region to give an all-round taste.

With each of the 10,000 expected revellers to pay at least sh.10, 000 to access the venue, the rest can be left to one’s imagination with the fact that tables cost as much as one million and chairs at sh.30, 000.

“Since 2017, we had targeted 5000 people and we ended up receiving over 8000 and we tried our best to manage them well. Since then, the trend in partying, in youthfulness and the population in the region generally in the town has grown and we have installed the necessary capacity and we are prepared to receive them”, Mr Terggy Godwin Eyotre, the chief organizer said.

“The West Nile music festival has always been a party of its own, We have been very detailed to ensure that everything goes on as planned and we want to ensure that the objective of giving total fun to the revellers will be achieved” Mr. Walter Andama, a director at Electra lounge added during a press briefing.

Walter Andama 30 12 19Mr Walter Andama is the host of the event at Elektra Lounge.

Revellers here will also be treated to fireworks in what looks set to be a magnificent midnight colouration of the Arua skies with many other places within the town all set to do the same.

Security detail

Mr Francis Onen, the district police traffic commander said there is stability and revellers should not fear because the Police and the army are all out to ensure their security is guaranteed.

Francis Onen 30 12 19Mr Francis Onen speaks during the press conference.

Mr Onen discouraged revellers from coming with their vehicles or seek permission to park at the central police station to minimise chances of vandalism.

He asked people to be conscious and partner with security to avert any cases of crime. Onen assured the public of enough deployment that will ensure that they are all catered for.

He confirmed that some of the routes would be diverted to give room for the street jam activities.

Other places to have fireworks in Arua town include the Hiltop Hotel where its proprietor Mr Jackson Atima assured revellers of their security.