KOBOKO. The body of former Vice President Gen Mustafah Idris’ nephew who was allegedly abducted by Gimara clan members has been found near Uganda - South Sudan border, about 15km away from a farm in Anyanga village, Monodu parish, Kuluba sub-county in Koboko district.

Late Kasim Olekua, 61, was alleged to have been abducted on March 7, 2020 by a section of Gimara clan members, also residents of the same village. The incident occurred at the General’s farm which Olekua was taking care of.

As a result, over 100 other family members whose homes were earlier set on fire have been displaced and are in need of help.

Police retrieved the decomposing body between rocks on Sunday evening and performed autopsy on it on Monday at Arua regional referral hospital morgue before releasing it to family members for burial.

 womanA woman is taken away wailing after police delivered the body of Late Olekua on Manday in Keri. ALL PHOTOS BY CLEMENT ALUMA ARIBO.

Relatives and investigating detectives at the scene revealed that late Olekua might have died a painful death as his body was found separated from the head and the legs chopped off.

During the burial, at Keri town in Kuluba sub-county, Koboko district on Monday, the Koboko deputy criminal investigations officer Mr Charles Aluma called for calm among family members as investigations continue.

“At the moment, we think that the body we have brought is for Olekua but the government team does not believe that he is the one until all the investigations are done; that is taking the body parts to the machine for DNA, but our eyes see that he is the one though science needs to prove this”, Aluma stated.

He advised the family to bury the body as soon as possible in the wake of presidential directive on COVID-19 disease which prohibits gatherings.

 CID Charles AlumaKoboko deputy CID Charles Aluma speaks to mourners after bring the body.

Much as the Mustafah Idris family holds the title for the over 333 acres farm land, the Gimara clan, through underhand methods has protested the status and has been threatening family members residing on the land. Five members have so far been arrested and are serving sentences at Koboko government prison.

Several attempts by the police and the office of the resident district commissioner have not yielded results.

Mr Abdalah Mahmoud, a brother to late Gen Idris appealed to his family members not to avenge the death of late Olekua. He said revenge was against the spirit of Gen Idris who always advised them to embrace peace and harmony.

Meanwhile Mr Mustafah Mukthar, a grandson of the former Vice President cried out to President Yoweri Museveni for protection.

According to Muktar, this year’s attack on his grandfather’s farm is the second raid by the members of Gimara clan who are claiming ownership of the General’s titled farm land.

He said the first incident occurred on June 21, 2019 of which 5 suspects were arrested and taken to court over a case of criminal trespass and malicious damage.

Muktar added that during the raid, a 7-year-old girl was abducted and to date, she has not been found.

He accused the Koboko political leadership of playing a tribal card, an accusation the district chairman Mr Hassan Nginya denied.

 Mr Abdalah MahmoudMr Abdalah Mahmoud, a brother to late Gen Mustafah Idris addresses mourners after the burial on Monday.

But the Koboko resident district commissioner Mr Yahaya Kakooza, who is also the head of the district security committee, said they were waiting for the outcome of the DNA tests to resume investigations.

“We have met the two groups and during those meetings we saw that there was going to be light at the end of the tunnel but we don’t know what this latest incident will mean to that peace process”, Kakooza said.

Gen Mustafah Idris served as Vice President of Uganda to President Idd Amin between 1976 to 1979 when the government fell to Uganda National Liberation forces supported by Tanzania.

He ran into exile and was convinced by President Yoweri Museveni to return on 23rd March 1987. He died on 28th July 2018 and was buried at his home in Keri, Kuluba sub-county, Koboko district.

Gen. Idris is among others, credited for prevailing over the former Uganda Army forces who wanted to take arms to fight the advancing NRA fighters into West Nile region.