KOBOKO. The Koboko municipal education officer (MEO), Mr David Dimba Kenyi has called upon the municipal authorities to create more projects that can translate into local revenue for the different divisions of the municipality to fund the education sector well.

He said the fund that the education department receives from the central government is still meager to clear the numerous education expenditures, adding that the money continues dwindling in the process of dispatching it to the various divisions of the municipality.

Speaking during a budget conference at Koboko West division on Wednesday, Dimba advised that more roads should be opened to help in boosting locals’ economic activities like agriculture and businesses so that the divisions can improve on their local revenue collection which they can in turn use to fund the education sector.

"If people indulge in more income generating activities through businesses and agriculture with support of availed road networks, they will automatically improve funding for the education sector,” Dimba said.

He said because of the biting poverty among the people, many children keep on dropping out of school while others perform poorly due to lack of scholastic materials.

But Mr Charles Remo, a parent said raising capital to start agricultural enterprises like piggery, poultry and livestock as advised by Dimba is the biggest challenge to many locals because some require a lot of money to start.

Meanwhile Mr Sunday Masabua, the head teacher of Light Star primary school argued that the support parents give to their children is not enough to make them pass well.

"Parents like blaming teachers whenever their children fail to perform well forgetting that they are not playing their role as expected,” said Masabua.

Mathias Alioni 18 10 18Treasurer Koboko West Division, Mr Mathias Alioni.

According to officials, Koboko West division is one of the ill funded divisions with its education sector receiving only shs2, 356, 434 of the local revenue and unconditional grant in 2018/19 financial year.

Mr Mathias Alioni, the head of finance for Koboko West division said the money is meant for games and sports, organize workshops for teachers and other operational activities like school monitoring.

Alioni said they normally give priority for other sectors like administration other than education because the division is still in the processes of organizing its annual development plan.