KOBOKO. Koboko district security committee has resolved to start sacking head teachers whose schools get involved in strikes and inter-school fights.

The committee also threatened to close striking schools as one of the measures to control the vice.

The resolution was reached at together with the education department of Koboko district and the Municipal council officials during a stakeholders’ meeting at Koboko district headquarters on Tuesday.

The meeting followed a series of strikes and inter-school fights that led to the arrest of over ten students from various schools in Koboko this year.

Some of the cases involving St Charles Lwanga College and Koboko Town College, Koboko parents’ secondary school and Koboko public secondary school, Nyangilia secondary school with Koboko public secondary school are still before the Koboko grade one magistrate’s court.

But during the meeting, Mr John Kennedy, the Koboko district internal security officer (DISO) who represented Ms Elizabeth Ayume, the Koboko resident district commissioner directed that they will not hesitate to recommend for the sacking of any head teacher whose school is involved in strike.

“We shall not tolerate cases of strike and inter-school fights anymore. This time we shall ask the Ministry of education to fire the head teacher of a striking school and close it immediately,” the DISO warned.

He said the new resolution will be followed by school visits by the district security committee to directly disseminate the information to students in various schools.

school headsA cross section of school heads listen to the Grade one magistrate of Koboko grade one court Mr Peter Guchina speaking.

Mr George Adoko, the Koboko chief administrative officer (CAO) noted that government is putting a lot of resources in education sector out of tax payers' money which is being put to waste by striking schools.

"You cannot develop better when you are not trained and it is the reason why government invests a lot of money in the education sector," Mr Adoko stressed, adding that persistent strikes and inter school clashes among students in the district are the main factors fuelling poor performance in schools.

He said as the head of civil service in the district, head teachers whose schools were involved in strikes are going to be investigated and be handed over to police and courts of law, warning that if found guilty, a report shall be submitted to the ministry of education for further action.

Adoko said the action will be applicable to both private and government aided schools in Koboko district.

Meanwhile Mr Hassan Nginya, the Koboko district chairperson warned parents against bailing out students arrested over strike.

Admission of students without recommendation from previous schools, misunderstanding as a result of defeat during sports, drama and poor feeding were identified by the committee as some of the main causes of strikes in schools.