KOBOKO. For Ms Brenda Bako Molly, a resident of Godia cell, West division, Koboko municipality, there is no reason for change yet in the constituency since Ms Evelyn Anite, the municipality member of parliament and state minister for investment has exceeded the fulfilment of her manifesto she presented when she was elected in 2016.

“We never voted Anite by mistake, she is a true leader who can support whatsoever she has promised, she fulfils her pledges and she is a true leader”, Bako states.

Ms Anite is expected to face Dr Charles Ayume, son to former Koboko Mp, Speaker and attorney general Mr Francis Ayume who is currently an employee of state house.

Among the pledges that Ms Anite has fulfilled are the giving of education grant of shs10million to support needy children every year, supplied maternity word of Koboko health centre III with delivery beds and mattresses as well as mama kits in all the health facilities in the constituency.

Ms Anites chequeMs Anite hands a cheque to one of the groups in the municipality.

Others are the opening of more feeder roads in the municipality, lobbying for shs750million for the construction of Koboko hospital at Barifa and supporting other disadvantaged groups among others.

But it is the support to women groups in the 36 cells in the municipality that is causing excitement among the locals.

Angirigo cell in West Division is one of the such successful cells whose portfolio has grown from 1million to over 60 million in less than three years when members decided to turn the one million they were given into a sacco scheme.

The money has now surpassed the capacity of the village savings group where members want the MP to help them start up a women’s bank.

Mr Ali Ibrahim, the local council one chairman of Angirigo cell said their lives are being transformed using the money Anite gave them as interests from bank loans were exorbitant and putting their lives at risk.

“It is exciting for those women who have raised the money from I million to 40 or 60 million, I always go back and give them additional money to appreciate them, I have had to write for them their constitution because they have been operating on loyalty, we are going to push them to open a women’s bank of Koboko municipality because their money has now grown”, Ms Evelyn Anite states.

“I wanted to demystify the notion that politicians are liars, that they don’t fulfil their pledges and that is why we have so many of them as one term politicians, what I tell my people is what I always strive to fulfil, we have been doing this manifesto, accountability every year ever since I was elected”, Anite said.

During a thanks giving function at Nyarilo primary school on Saturday, Anite gave out physical items ranging from mattresses, sports equipment to all schools in the municipality and money to various organised groups in her constituency among others.

She said the donations were all purchased using 60 per cent savings from her salary every year.

Anite also called for unity among West Nile leaders to work for the common good of the region. She criticised the leadership at West Nile Cooperative Union for infighting and not seeing the bigger goal of reviving the it. This after the union failed to get the 13 tractors they were due to receive from the government due to internal bickering.

Ms Evelyn Anite2Religious leaders stretch their hands to pray over Ms Evelyn Anite. PHOTO BY CLEMENT ALUMA.