KOBOKO. Koboko Town College secondary school has emerged winner of Koboko district inter schools debate competition.

Koboko Town College excelled over Nyarilo, Nyangilia, Nyai and Koboko parents’ secondary schools to become this year’s inter schools debate champion.

The debate under the theme: "Respect for human rights is a precondition to development in Uganda," was organized by Uganda Human Rights commission (UHRC).

Ms Harriet Rwakabbira Kajobe, the head of UHRC office in Arua said the debate organized across the country was aimed at promoting respect for human rights among students in various schools so as to have a future population that will respect rights of others.

"We need to bring up these young ones through debates that triggers them to undertake research to make points for their arguments hence making the students to know more things so that value of respect for each other is inculcated in them," Ms Rwakabira noted, adding that embracing human rights activities among students can be one of the ways to suppress the alarming strikes in schools.

She said promotion of human rights through education leads to discipline in the communities and when brought together with other factors it brings rapid development of a country.

Ms Rwakabira disclosed that sooner human rights activities will be rolled to the grass root levels of the communities through formation of volunteer action groups to work as ambassadors of human rights among locals.

student speakingOne of the students speaking during the debate.

During the debate, Sukran Abdulnasser, a student from Koboko town college said Uganda being one of the peaceful countries in Africa, development of all sectors have to some extent been visibly inevitable.

She said it would be good if respect of human rights in education sector is used to advocate for development of agriculture, tourism, industrialization and Fisheries in order to make a strong backbone for commercialization in all sectors of development.

Shamirah Amin Sauda, a student from Nyarilo secondary school who proposed the motion stressed that human rights interventions in Uganda have led to women empowerment through education that has made many Ugandan women like speaker of the Parliament of Uganda and Mrs Janet Museveni, the minister of education and sports to rise into prominence of leading the country, an opportunity which in the ancient days was denied access to for the women.

Jal Gok Yar, a student from Koboko parents said “the government should rise up to hold such corrupt people accountable by giving them a regrettable punishment that can create fear in others so that corruption is not repeated in development process of Uganda."

The first three best students were each awarded with a mattress, second best three got blankets while third best three got bed sheets as the rest of the students who participated were awarded certificates.