KOBOKO. The Democratic Party (DP) Presidential candidate, Nobert Mao has pledged to reduce the tax on electricity, transport and other essential services in the business sector.
Mao also promised to restrict retail businesses in the country to the citizens as foreigners will only be allowed to undertake large scale businesses.
“Vote for me so that we can reduce taxes on electricity and Boda Boda services. Vote for me so that we can bring back the pride of all Ugandans,” Mr Mao said while campaigning in Koboko municipality on Tuesday.
Mao used the opportunity to appeal to Ugandans to ensure there is peaceful change of power this time round because Uganda has never had a history of peaceful transition of government since independence.
“All over Uganda, people want change and this is why we are in this contest. There are people who are tired of land grabbing, there are those who are tired of mothers dying in maternity wards and youth are tired of being jobless. This election is about changing the government peacefully so that we make Uganda better,” Mao said.
Mao said he is aiming at regional balance in terms of development where all the regions of Uganda are considered equal in resource allocation and employment based on merit.
“There should be no first-class citizens and second-class citizens in this country. All of us must be equal and I am asking you to trust me because I have the knowledge and experience. Removing Museveni is easy, but the biggest challenge is fixing the mess in Uganda and we need a serious leader to sort out that mess and I am the one to do it,” Mao stressed.
From Monday this week, Mao has been covering the districts of Adjumani, Moyo, Yumbe, Koboko, Maracha and Arua.