KOBOKO. Member of Parliament for Koboko North Constituency, Mr Elly Asiku Elias has donated an Ambulance to Koboko district to boost the capacity of the health team in the wake of the corona virus threats.

The MP said he had to act first and give the ambulance before its inititially scheduled dates for official launch.

“As you are aware, there is a lock-down of the country in terms of movement and public gatherings because of corona pandemic and so, it will not be possible for us to launch the ambulance this time where people are supposed to attend who may end up being exposed to the virus”, Asiku said.

Asiku noted that the ambulance compliments whatever the government is doing in the fight against the corona pandemic in Uganda.

He also said the ambulance will be of help in the event that a patient needs to be rushed to a health unit considering that all public transport has been banned and yet few people have their own means.

The legislator appealed to the public to follow instructions in the president’s directive jealously so that lives of the people are not risked.

“Once we implement guidelines by ministry of health as enshrined in the presidential directive, we will be certain to contain this situation”, he assured.

Mr Elly AsikuKoboko North constituency MP, Mr Elly Asiku Elias speaking to journalists on Thursday. PHOTOS BY JOSEPH ODAMA.

Koboko district chairman, Mr Hassan Nginya Saidi commended the MP’s effort that he said has come timely to boost capacity of the district in addressing the Corona virus threat.

Nginya confirmed that this latest Ambulance has increased the number of ambulances in the district to four.

He said the district is trying her best in enforcing directives on hand washing, controlling crowds and suspending seasonal open markets.

He reiterated their commitment as local leaders towards fighting unscrupulous traders who hike prices to the detriment of the ordinary members of the public.

Some Indian nationals and a Ugandan were arrested on Monday in the district for exorbitantly hiking salt prices.

Nginya disclosed that bodaboda riders in Koboko district who were carrying passengers did it in the morning when the district security committee was still for a security meeting before officers swung into action by midday.

The president’s public transport ban during his fifth address on COVID-19 targeted tricycles (Tuk-Tuk), Boda Bodas, Taxis, Buses and other forms of public transport.