KOBOKO. The Turkish Ambassador to Uganda HE Karim Alp has called for increased investment rather than aid between Uganda and his country in order to spur development and growth in the country.

The ambassador was speaking at Kawthra Mosque on Monday after making a visit to Koboko district on the invitation of the investment and Privatization state minister Ms Evelyn Anite.

He visited a dilapidated and old mosque along the Koboko-Arua road at Adakada village, Nyangilia ward, South division, Jamiya centre and Kawthra mosque which was built by Sena, a Turkish charity organization.

"It is more trade and investment but not foreign aid that will bring transformation and development into this region", he stated.

"I must say that we are blessed to have Uganda as a safe and peaceful country which is good for investment, the investments that will increase between Uganda and Turkey will have the kind of challenges that we are all familiar with", Ambassador Karim said.

He said Turkey and West Nile region share similarities since they all host large populations of refugees in their respective areas. Turkey currently hosts about 4.6 Syrian refugees while West Nile hosts about 1 million South Sudan refugees.

Appealed to the Ugandan traders to take advantage of Turkish passenger airlines and cargo which has direct flights so as to grow their businesses.

Ms Anite urged the ambassador to woe Turkish investors to come and establish manufacturing plants at a newly opened Oraba industrial park and create employment opportunities for residents.

Ms Evelyn Anite 26 11 19Ms Evelyn Anite addresses her constituents about the need for development in the area.

She said there is a ready market for the goods manufactured at the Oraba industrial park within Uganda, South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The Koboko municipality mayor Mr Wilson Sanya urged the residents to willingly surrender their pieces of land to investors when they come asking adding that they should also not resist road openings which are all for their own good.

Wilson Sanya 26 11 19Mr Wilson Sanya appealed to residents to allow road openings and offer land for developers.

Uganda and Turkey established diplomatic relations between them in 1969 but Mr Karim said new policies by President Tayib Erdogan will witness more Turkish companies vying for business opportunities in the country.