MARACHA. Much as the construction of the twin box Culvert Bridge on River Ayikuru along Oluvu-Andeni road is half-way complete, it has restored hope among business community in the district.

Locals that West Nile Web talked to on Friday commended Maracha district local government for injecting over 100 million Ugandan shillings of tax payer’s money in the reconstruction of the Bridge which broke down more than five years ago.

Mr Richard Amandu, a resident of Osidribiku trading centre in Oluffe Sub-County said the closure of the road following the collapse of Bridge increased the cost of transport for locals who embarked on using long alternative routes to get merchandise especially from Arua town.

“We started using the Bridge even before it was completed. Most of us use the Bridge to transport our merchandize. Before its reconstruction, we were spending a lot of money on transport but now there is hope of improving our businesses,” Amandu said.

Ms Betty Lucia, a resident of Kijomoro Village in Kamaka Parish, Oluffe Sub-County said the Bridge has now relieved the community from the challenge of crossing the river to access services from Oluvu Health Centre III and Nyadri market whenever it rains.

Hillary Enzam

A retired civil servant, Mr Hillary Enzama, also a resident of Kamaka Parish said by reconstructing the Bridge, God had answered the prayers of residents.

Enzama noted that he was the first person who started establishing a Bridge on the river using chassis of a FIAT F Lorry 30 years ago with the support of Mr Mark Tivu, the former Nebbi Deputy Chief Administrative Officer, also a member of the same community.

He said they took the decision after realizing that it was difficult for people to cross the river for prayers in Oluvu Catholic Parish Church.

Enzama narrated that later on, Oluvu Sub-County Local Government allocated a project to upgrade the Bridge under capacity building program over ten years ago but it was short lived due to shoddy work.

However, the current construction foreman representing Gereko Consult Limited, an Arua based Construction Company pledged to avoid shoddy work in the four months project which will be complete by the end of this month.

Mr Amos Atiku, the Oluvu Sub County Chairperson confirmed that the work is going on well since he charged over eighteen locals working at the site to report any irregularities like theft of materials that may compromise quality.

Atiku said the road is a conduit that facilitates trade where people from his Sub-County are connected to Oluffe besides importing food items like groundnuts and rice from Democratic Republic of Congo.

He said the route is also a shortest for traders operating from Omgbokolo trading centre and other parts of DRC.