MARACHA. The bishop of Madi and West Nile Diocese Rt Rev Collins Charles Andaku has denounced a rumor that the 2017synod passed a resolution that banned the use of natural flowers to lay wreaths during funerals.

A synod is the highest decision-making organ in a diocese.

The bishop was refuting allegations made by clergy in Maracha Archdeaconry during funeral a funeral on Monday that the Anglican Church banned the use of natural flowers for making wreaths.

“That is not true, there was nothing discussed on flowers during our last synod held in 2017, I will invite all the Archdeacons in my office for a management meeting next week to find out what is taking place in the local churches before we make a full statement”, Bishop Andaku stated.

Rev Luke Aluma, the parish priest of Oliapi Anglican parish was forced to make the statement after mourners were stunned when the ritual of laying wreaths was skipped during the funeral of late Collins Ezadri in Andruvu village, Loyinya parish, Yivu Sub County in Maracha district.

Aluma alleged that the diocese took the decision to protect the environment and conserve flowers which produce fruits and nectar used by bees for making honey.
He advised bereaved families to buy synthetic flowers if they may afford as an alternative to be used.

Maracha archdeacon Rev Alice Bayo was however surprised to hear the statements saying her office was not aware of the pronouncements.

But Terego Arch Deacon Rev Joel Aluma said wreaths out of natural flowers are used during funerals as a symbol of love and they are used to demonstrate that the life of a human being is like a detached flowers from a plant which look bright and fresh in the morning but dry up shortly from hot weather when it reaches in the evening.

“Our synod neither makes wreaths compulsory nor bans them during funerals, friends or the bereaved family bring them to be laid to show love for the departed”, Rev Aluma explained.

The main celebrant during the funeral Rev Charles Alio, the parish priest of Loyina Anglican parish challenged the people not to worry about the controversy claiming that the decorations have no impact on judgment day before God except your deeds while alive.

“You will be granted eternal life if you renew your faith through repentance as it is written in the book of Daniel that those who will shine are those with wisdom, therefore stop passing Judgement when someone dies because once someone acknowledges guilt he/she will always be forgiven by the Lord”, Alio stated.

Mourners who were visitors in the place were surprised and said it is their first time to hear the declaration.

Others ruled out usage of synthetic flowers over claims that thieves steal them from graveyards.