MARACHA. The bishop of Madi and West Nile diocese Rt Rev Charles Collins Andaku has urged fathers to give more time to families to play their role in shaping the moral behaviors of the family members.

Bishop Andaku was speaking while presiding over the commissioning of fathers’ and mothers’ unions at Ngizia Church of Uganda, Ajebe parish in Maracha arch deaconry in which several children were confirmed.

“My humble appeal to fathers is to be close to the family members, be role model by providing basic needs and showing hospitality, mentor the children to grow in the fear of the Lord, never give up in praying and show love for your family members even if they go wrong to win them back, these responsibilities are entrusted in you naturally by God,” Bishop Andaku said.

His message was in line with the theme, “fathers come home” set by the diocese for the commissioning of the father’s unions this year since many families are lead by women.

The theme was developed after realizing that husbands prefer to stay away at work or leisure places for longer hours at the expense of their families.

While preaching during the occasion, the Champlain of the fathers’ union in the diocese Rev Deacon Christopher Yiki said fathers are pastors on the family alter and their wives are the church teachers therefore failing to play their roles will lead to moral degeneration of their children.

“The family is the nucleus of the church and so there are six things they need to do which includes reading the bible, pray, fellowship with one another, witness to non believers , make programs to assist the weak and development programs to live holistically,”, Yiki noted.

The main organizer of the commissioning, deputy principal of Arua comprehensive nursing and midwifery Mr Nixon Dranimva said he was convinced to join the fathers union by his workmates and friends who are members of the union that plays significant role in binding the members of the family and the church.

Clergy photo Yiki

He preferred to be commissioned at his home church than Mvara cathedral to honor his father who built it on their ancestral land to liberate his children and relatives because he personally didn’t find time to preach the Good news for them as a church teacher.

Several people including the staff from Arua comprehensive nursing and midwifery, Maracha district chairman Mr Lawrence Adiga, Oleba sub county chairman, president of the mothers union Mrs Hellen Enzama and the chairman of the fathers union in the diocese Mr Onesmas Dralega joined the Christians of Ajebe parish to witness the commissioning at Ngizia church of Uganda.