MARACHA. The call for unity among politicians and technocrats in Maracha district dominated the handover ceremony of the chief administrative officer (CAO) at the district headquarters on Monday.

During the function, leaders were asked to drop their differences to allow the incoming CAO, Mr Christopher Okumu, the former Pader district accounting officer to revitalize effective service delivery.

The massage was sounded by all speakers after the outgoing CAO, Mr Joseph Lomogin identified lack of teamwork among politicians and a few technocrats besides low local revenue base and land shortage for commercial farming as the main factors affecting service delivery in the district.

Mr Lomongin who has been transferred to Kotido district in Karamoja sub-region after serving in Maracha district for one and half years used the opportunity to call upon the people in the district to embrace unity in diversity politically and technically.

Meanwhile, Okumu assured the people witnessing the handover that the district has an upper hand of performing better if the political leaders and the technocrats are bound together given its staffing level of 76% unlike where he is coming from which is at 56%.

“Give me peace of mind as I am told the biggest problem here is disunity. Pulling ropes is a sign of degeneration let’s unite for a purpose. My roles are clearly stipulated in the constitution. What is the reason for collusion, I will not promote division, I am going to work with everybody”, Okumu stated.

“We need each other. I don’t want a place where quarreling is all over except objective criticism. The best district where ever I have gone is Lyantonde which is well developed because of unity. Look at an old district like Masindi because of lack of political cohesion their offices are like the one of a secondary school,” Mr. Okumu stated.

The Maracha district chairperson Mr. Lawrence Adiga was equally distressed with the alleged accusation against the outgoing CAO to the Permanent Secretary by some disgruntled politicians leading to his transfer.

“If I had powers as the chairperson of the district, I would have recommended this transfer to be at the end of the financial year. There is time for the best dancer or actor to leave the stage, you’re the best out of the three CAOs I have worked with. God bless you wherever you go. If you were reported by a politician his or her fate will be determined in 2021,” Adiga lamented.

He called on the incoming CAO to reside in the district to manage other technocrats well and maintain the graph of good performance of the district in the national rankings by guarding against negative advice.

“Maracha is very kind and hospitable but politically fragile and torn apart, find a way to fit in the community while being cautious from people who will claim to be your advisors, go slow,” Adiga advised.

Maracha Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Ms Esther Cherop Soet acknowledged that the ideological differences between politicians and technocrats in the district are compromising service delivery and called the incoming CAO to team up and cause a change.

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“In Maracha here, there is no teamwork and respect, heads of departments are on their own, politicians and the RDC are also on their own. I kept on learning from them one by one and I said what this is?”, Soet wondered.

She also alleged that disunity makes the aggrieved politicians to maliciously report officials posted by the central government to their Permanent Secretaries, a reason the CAO is going away.

“You politicians can do anything and we can go away, but if we are doing our work very well, we will not be dropped from our positions,” Soet stated.

Irregular decisions taken in the district due to disunity recently caused a financial loss after the district lost a case against the district engineer.