MARACHA. Local leaders in Maracha district have resorted to sensitizing community members to change their mindset on unending life of linking every death to witchcraft.

The campaign was on Wednesday launched after police reports on mob justice against people accused of bewitching their deceased relatives in the district reached an alarming rate.

Speaking during the funeral of Oleba businessman, Mr Geoffrey Ndani, 42, who died after a short illness in Etufea village, Etoko parish, Maracha district, Mr Lawrence Adiga, the Maracha district chairperson condemned the vice of linking every death to witchcraft practice arguing that death is natural.

“Why do you behave like pagans and illiterate people?”Adiga asked the mourners, adding that avoid taking the law in your hands and I know the allegations of linking every death to witchcraft stems from grudges and land wrangles which must stop.

Mr Peter Madiria Adua, the Oleba sub-county chairperson described the deceased as a peaceful and loving person people will live to remember.

He appealed to his relatives to avoid contradicting his death as some of the people at Godoa trading centre where he was operating a kiosk were already pointing fingers at business mates over his death.

The former principal of Nyoro Anglican pastoral training school, Rtd Rev. Nemia Ejidra who presided over the funeral service said mourners should avoid revenge and institute peaceful conflict resolution measures when offended.

Rev. Ejidra stated that God is ready to forgive sinners and called on Christians to pray and implore offenders to come to repent before God than committing sin due to anger.

“Allow the will of God be done in your life and the lives of other people. God has his own plans and powers over your life and owes all the rights to call us after fulfilling the purpose of his creation. Therefore, be ready and watchful in faith to be rewarded with everlasting life,” Rev. Ejidra advised.

The Church teacher of Etoko Anglican parish, Mr Alfred Ezati called on Christians to emulate the deceased by continuing to participate in Church activities whenever they go away from home.

“Nobody has powers over death. If it was the will of the deceased, he would prefer to bury his ageing mother before dying but he is gone. We should only seek the Kingdom of heaven while doing business and serving in offices to enter into the Kingdom of God,” Ezati said.

He appealed to the youth to work hard and generate income for better livelihood in families and live a better life for the orphans and close relatives after death.

The police of Maracha district last week arrested 25 people for allegedly destroying property and burning houses belonging to a retired UPDF officer in Otravu parish, Oluffe sub-county over claims of bewitching two accident victims who died in Rhino-camp motor accident two weeks ago.