MARACHA. Religious leaders in Maracha district have appealed to their flock to pray and renew their faith through repentance and forgiveness during the holy week.

In his homily on Palm Sunday, Fr Akulino Acidri, the Parish Priest of Maracha Catholic Parish told the congregation who fully filled the church that intense prayer this week may make Christians become true disciples of Jesus.

“At times as Christians, we behave like fans but not like disciples. A disciple will go with his master and Christians are disciples of Jesus. By following him in his suffering, we shall be true disciples unlike fans who are only used to doing the good things but when it comes to the difficult ones, they abandon God and leave Jesus to suffer alone,” Fr Acidri stated.

He called upon Christians to respect the rights of others and avoid persecution of the righteous people.

“It is not only the Jews who killed Jesus but when we fail to do the right things we equally kill him. So avoid doing the opposite things like Judas who kissed Jesus to betray him instead of showing love,” Fr Acidri emphasized.

The Curate of Maracha Parish Fr Mark Acidri also noted that shaking of palm leaves signifies the ups and downs in faith and as a result, he appealed to the Christians to remain strong.

Citing the Gospel of John, he said it is rare for the ordinary people to forgive and advise others as part of the divine messages Jesus gave his disciples when on the cross.

“Despite dying for the sins of the world, Jesus’ resurrection will not take us to heaven automatically but we should live in faith and work hard to attain eternal life,” Fr Acidri advised.

Fr Akulino Acidri 15 04 19

But at Maracha Anglican Arch Deaconry headquarters in Nyoro, Mr Samuel Dradrile asked Christians to be peaceful because Jesus is the King of peace who used camels that were used by King Herod and Pilate for war in his triumphant entry to Jerusalem.

On the background of Palm Sunday, Mr Drabile noted that Jesus’ entry to Jerusalem coincided with the commemoration of “Habib," the day when Israelites were liberated from harsh rule from Egypt.

Amidst the busy schedule of the holy week, Maracha Parish scheduled two days from Monday to administer the sacrament of penance for its Christians to usher them into the holy week prayers from Wednesday till Easter Sunday.