MARACHA. The Parish Priest of Kamaka parish Fr Geoffrey Edami has condemned the rampant acts of thieves who have specialised in stealing people’s properties in Oluvu Sub County.

He said the rampant case of theft especially of animals in the sub county has created a lot of fear among the residents of the area.

"Our people are not having peace of mind at all because they have resorted to sleeping outside in order to guard their animals at night. We want the local government to act quickly so that such culprits are brought to book," he said.

"People are working hard to alleviate poverty but if the little they have in stock is stolen by the wrong people, how shall they achieve the Uganda's 2040 vision?” he asked.

Fr Edami made the remarks on Sunday while administering sacrament of first Holy Communion at Arikia chapel in Kamaka parish.

He blamed the security personnel in the sub county for being unconcerned about the matter saying they are not playing their roles as expected because the suspects who are causing havoc might be within the area.

He however urged the local community to be vigilant and report any suspicious people to the authorities.

Mr David Kilo, a resident of Mundru village, in Ombachi parish said he lost six cows in April this year.

"The thieves came to the kraal at night but I came to realise that the six cows were missing in the morning. I searched the animals in vain but in the process of looking for the animals, I found two cows belonging to one called Luka that were stolen at Ayivuni sub county in Mingoro," he said.

He said when the thieves reach a kraal, they only select healthy animals, they don't mind of the unhealthy and aged animals.

Mr Silivio Etoma, the LC l chairman of Arikia village said they can't manage the situation because the thieves steal the animals at night and some of the suspects are armed with guns.

"It's very risk for us the LCs to follow the matter but we have reported the matter to the sub county authority. We don't know where the people are coming from and the most affected villages are the ones covering the western part of Oluvu sub county nearer to Democratic republic of Congo," he said.

He said over 30 cows have been stolen in the area but where these cows are taken is not known and majority haven't been recovered much as the owners have tried to look for them.

When West Nile Web contacted Mr Amos Atiku, the sub county chairman of Oluvu on phone, he promised to give a response at a later time as he said he was in a meeting at the time but by press time, that response had not yet come.