MARACHA. Maracha district chairperson, Mr Lawrence Adiga has failed to convince the district council for the second time on Tuesday to approve Ms Joyce Ezoru Penina, a retired primary school teacher as a member of the district service commission (DSC) representing people with disability (PWDs).

The emotional councillors accused Adiga who hails from Oleba sub-county of failing to balance appointment of people in other sub-counties in the commission that recruits civil servants.

Some of the councillors alleged that Mr Adiga has an interest in the appointee (also a resident of Oleba sub-county) on grounds that they had told him to consult widely to find another person for the position in their last council meeting held in December last year.

"The Executive committee has learnt nothing and forgotten nothing! We unanimously agreed in the last council that there is need for diversity in membership of the DSC in terms of sub county representation but the district chairperson appears to have a special interest in this matter," Mr Bosco Asea, the councillor for Oluvu Sub County said.

Similarly, the female councillor representing PWDs to the district council, Ms. Edisa Amaniyo advised Adiga to make use of the district disability council to get names of capable people for the appointment.

However, Ms Florence Ario, the secretary for production, marketing and natural resources said the executive committee agreed to present Ms Penina again for the post after failing to get another qualified person.

Mr Adiga in response appealed to the councillors to respect the constitutional mandate assigned to him as the chairperson of the district.

“When you read all the legal books, you will not get any section saying that the chairperson of the district should first consult Honourable councillors or other people before making such appointments. It is my mandate, so what is wrong with that?" Mr. Adiga asked.

Section 54 subsections 2(b) of the Local Government Act stipulates that the DSC shall comprise of five members with at least one third of the members of the commission represented by women and another one member should be a person with disability.

The same Act also indicates that a person shall not be appointed a member of DSC unless that person has high moral character and proven integrity, has a working experience of not less than ten years in a responsible position, is ordinarily a resident of that district and has a minimum qualification of advanced level of education.

After the expiry of term of office of the previous representative of the person with disability to the DSC, the district was limited to identify a female disabled person since all the other four members remaining are male.

But to date, the councillors have remained adamant to the appointment of Ms Penina as a new member of the DSC much as she is the only female councillor with disability fit for the position.